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Tip of the Day - Inexpensive Harmonica Case Ideas

David Barrett Admin's picture

One of the fun things about being a harmonica player is to make your own harmonica case. Cases exist on the market specifically built to carry harmonicas, but to carry a lot of harmonicas they’re commonly large and heavy. If you’re looking for something cheap and in a small package, look no further than your local stores. These three cases are from Target and Walmart, the most expensive one being $13 and the least $4. There’s no need to use dividers or punched foam to separate the harmonicas, this limits how many harmonicas you can fit and no damage will occur from diatonic harmonicas touching each other. All of these cases will need a piece of foam in the lid to keep the harmonicas from popping out when carrying (a hand towel will also get the job done). You can of course spend more money on higher quality cases, but I wanted to show you that you don’t have to look far for inexpensive options.

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