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What's New: School of the Blues Student Concert (San Jose, CA)

David Barrett Admin's picture

If you live in the California Bay Area come join students of School of the Blues as they perform great blues standards and original compositions at our semiannual student concert this Saturday, April 1st. Concert is FREE to the public and is held at “The Studio” at the Poor House Bistro (91 Autumn St, San Jose from 5-9pm. Performers are Peter Egbert (Harp), Julia Daneman (Harp), Tom Gray (Gtr), Doug Agnew (Gtr), Al Bettencourt (Bass), Kevin Coggins (Drums), Mike Thompson (Bass), Marc Graci (Harp), John Pierce (Gtr), Bruno Ponsot (Gtr), Greg Kirkland (Harp/Voc), Jon Rosen (Bass), Carlin Dare (Harp/Voc), Darrel Louis (Harp), Darrel Brokeshoulder (Bass), Joel Saal (Harp/Gtr/Voc), Neal Rutta (Bass), davidC (Keyboards) and Shannon Brown (Drums).