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capitalG's picture

Had a blast doing this competition and learnt loads about accompaniment.
Really enjoyed the process and hope you all enjoy the entry,



Thanks for the feedback

capitalG's picture

Thanks for the feedback fellas, much appreciated,

Try to back off and listen more carefully

jimsammy's picture

On the first cut, you sound real good on the intro verse, but I would've rather heard a little less harp behind the vocal. You're stepping on the singer a little bit. You have a good sound and some nice hand effects, but sometimes (especially on the slow number) I get the feeling your primary focus is not on using the harp in the service of the song.


Mark Hummel's picture

Gary's right on again.
Held notes are good but harp can stop here and there. Sometimes short and sweet is a good thing. You have nice tone. I like what you do on third tune. Fourth tune works for me-horn like approach. I like the acoustic harp on slow tune but again a break in harp won't hurt. I thought fills between vocal were kind of tenative. Last tune was too busy for me. Again, I like your tone & ability


Gary Smith's picture

Song 1
CH1 - Cool, but it sounded like everything was played in one breath... flowing... that's cool... but leaving empty space is good too... you don't have to change your line, just cut it off.
CH2 - All good stuff... again, take a breath once in a while :-)

Song 2
I like your concentration on this one, you were listening to what was being played/sung and breaking it a bit.

Song 3
A little bit too active with the guitar playing fills as well

Song 4
Pretty even... right in the pocket. A couple times you got busy, but they were all in the right place.

Song 5
CH1 - This time you're playing more behind the guitar as a solo instrument... not licks... but chords... well done.
CH2 - In the call and response with the vocalist it's a little cooler to overlap with the vocals a bit. When he's finishing his last words you can lead in with your lick.

Song 6
There's so much happening in the song it's hard for us to find our place and not be in the way... the chugging that you're doing fits in very well... good job.

Good stuff, nice tone, well

walterjuke's picture

Good stuff, nice tone, well thought out and varied. I especially liked the chugging and chawing on the that last tune.


Great job G! Good tone man,

Bluevan's picture

Great job G! Good tone man, wondering what amp did you use on first track ?Crystal mic?

Hi Brian, Thanks for the

capitalG's picture

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the comment, amp was a VHT special 6, with a modified astatic with ceramic element.


Oh nice! I got vht special 6

Bluevan's picture

Oh nice! I got vht special 6 too and a voice of music ceramic mic(the ice cream cone mic). Just haven't used it since I got the bogen. I used the mic once i think . Man I got to revisit the vht and the VofM mic!