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Bluevan's picture

I tried to just play something that fit each groove



Gary Smith's picture

Song 1
CH1 - Good job matching the band's hook. You played over the guitar's solo in the last four bars.
CH2 - Good fills. You could have continued playing the hook under the vocals if you wanted... just an option

Song 2
Open - Since you took the lead (not the guitar) I would have started at the same time as the guitar
CH1 - Nice chording... a little bit too active/loud on the IV

Song 3

Song 4
Nice horn punches. Your timing is a little behind the band.

Song 5
CH1 - Not sure sure if you're soloing here or if you're backing the guitar
CH2 - Nice fills and backing

Song 6


Mark Hummel's picture

I liked the tear of the 5 chord-good job between vocals. Nice raunchy tone & nice rhythm on second tune. Could be a few less like. Third tune you're trying to fit too many notes in. Fourth tune is good & third pos. is nice touch. Slow is interesting playing, especially on 4 chord. A bit busy around turnaround. Nice warble on it. Good job on last one though it seemed you were anticipating ending before it happened?

I played tracks 3 and 4 in

Bluevan's picture

I played tracks 3 and 4 in 3rd position, the rest were all 2nd position.

Love the big fat tone!

walterjuke's picture

Love the big fat tone! What's your rig?

Nice ideas and good playing. I like it!

Thanks man! I used a stock

Bluevan's picture

Thanks man! I used a stock Bogen HE10 P.A. head from the 50s, JT30 with cm and a 8" heppner speaker from 1961 stuffed in to a fender DECjr modeling amp for the cab.

Great performance

iman_rahimipour's picture

Great performance man , I like it , good job

Thanks Iman!

Bluevan's picture

Thanks Iman!