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Accompaniment Contest - Iman Rahimipour

iman_rahimipour's picture

In 1st song I used Shakes and playing under the vocal with fills
In 2nd song I used Chords with fill
In 3rd song I used shakes and also I made a riff with the shake and for the last part of the song I changed the riff
In 4th song I used Horn lines
In 5th song I used Organ pads with Flutter tongue
In 6th song I used Chordal riff with fill and Shake and Ending phrase from Accompaniment Study 2 - I Want You With Me -



Gary Smith's picture

Song 1
Solid backing here

Song 2
Open - Nice chording here
CH1 - Nice chording with fills

Song 3
Shakes sound good... bring your volume done when he sings

Song 4
Nice matching the horn idea

Song 5
Nice mellow backing

Song 6
Very nice chording here

Some good stuff in there

jimsammy's picture

I like the feel you get varying the volume, speed and intensity of those warbles. You take your time too - That's a big plus to me. Keep up the good work


Mark Hummel's picture

I liked the different approach with the opening riff by using warble on first tune. I REALLY like the chug on this second tune.. The third tune was a little remenicent of first tune with warble. I liked third pos,. on fourth tune & rhythm. Good tone on slow tune & it's laid back enough & supportive to vocal. Nice chug & rhythm on this last tune. Nice job!

Thanks David

iman_rahimipour's picture

Thanks David for the competition , it's a great chance to listen to other harp players all around the world.
Iman from Iran

Very smooth playing, you got

Bluevan's picture

Very smooth playing, you got a nice tone and relaxed tremo/vibrado going on!

Thanks Brian

iman_rahimipour's picture

Thanks Brian for your comment :-)

Sweet tone. I like the

walterjuke's picture

Sweet tone. I like the relaxed shakes. Good job.

Thanks Walter

iman_rahimipour's picture

Thanks Walter for the comment :-)

Thanks Walter

iman_rahimipour's picture

Thanks Walter for the comment :-)