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Accompaniment mood

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Song 1
Well done... strong where you need to be and not where you shouldn't be.

Song 2
Even though you're playing something other than what the guitar is playing in the opening, it works. Rest is good

Song 3
Nice choice of 3rd... good hook... I would have made the hook even a little bit more simple

Song 4
I heard what you were going for here, but the notes you played/held for backing didn't match the band

Song 5
CH1 - Nice haunting tremolo. I recommend you time your activity with the inactivity of the guitar solo
CH2 - He's leaving big spaces for you play fills... this would have been a great place to show what you got

Song 6
In the pocket... very appropriate

Some good ideas

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I like the repetitive approach to the first tune. The second tune sounded pretty good too. Mark's right about your time getting away from you a couple times, but you have some good, real musical ideas. I'd love to hear you once you gain more command of the instrument -


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Nice first tune. Second & Third tunes feel a little off timing wise-maybe rushing or slowing down. Fourth tune is better. Slow one sounds pretty good.Nice space on it too.I REALLY appreciatte that. Last tune is good-I like the approach.

Tasty playing! Nice job of

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Tasty playing! Nice job of staying out of the way of the vocals but still weaving your stuff in.


solid playing mishakin good

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solid playing mishakin good job man!