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Acoustic Accom

ErwinIost's picture

I decided to play only acoustic harp for this contest, i hope you like it
Song 1: Bb harp
Song 2: A harp
Song 3: G harp
Song 4: Ab harp
Song 5: C chromatic harp
Song 6: A harp

Cheers from Chile!!



Gary Smith's picture

Song 1
CH1 - Good matching of hook... since the guitarist enters on the V Chord I would have backed my volume and activity down
CH2 - Good idea to move up an octave. I'm sure you're just playing loud for us to hear hear... you would play softer otherwise

Song 2
Good matching of the hook. Good chording... you should play much louder when you're playing fills... it starts to get a little bit too busy on the IV Chord... I can't tell the difference between your backing and fills.

Song 3
Good matching of the hook. I would have stayed away from slapping the 2 draw.

Song 4
Very good hook here. Sounds good in 3rd.

Song 5
CH1 - Nice use of the chromatic and tremolo here... I can hear the guitar solo well.
CH2 - Good idea to play fills... and the low end of the chro is a cool affect

Song 6
Nice chording. Play your fills louder.

Pretty good groove

jimsammy's picture

I think you overdid the growl thing a little on the first cut. On the 2nd and 3rd songs it became obvious to me that you've got a good natural groove. That's big! I'm with Mark on the last tune though- too busy.


Mark Hummel's picture

Good growl-I can't that much growl. I liked low to high riff when vocal came in. Really Nice Chug! It's a little busy to me once vocal starts. I really like the lick on third song-you could have just stuck with that. It has a nice Howlin Wolf approach. I like third pos. on fourth song. Good chrom but a little showoffy for backup harp. I liked turnaround stuff on intro. Like the low fills on slow one too. Last one is not my fave-too busy.

Tasty stuff! Loved the

walterjuke's picture

Tasty stuff! Loved the growls on the first cut! Very nice chromatic playing. Really nice tone on the chromatic, and on the short harps too. Man I really digged song #5. I dug it all, but especially that one. Really sweet stuff!


Hey my friend, thanks for

ErwinIost's picture

Hey my friend, thanks for your kind words. I am working hard with chromatic harp and my tone, and i think is working.
You did a great job , once of the best i guess!!!!

Cheers from Chile,

your acoustic tone sounds

Bluevan's picture

your acoustic tone sounds great, that tone you were getting on the chromatic was frickin crazy!! sounded like Prince!! Man that was some sexy playing, Awesome!!!