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Agape Blues Company - Cross Road Blues

MBatts's picture

The Agape Blues Company is a Christian Blues Band out of the NY/NJ area. We are a ministry team that primarily focuses on men's ministries such as men's shelters, drug rehabilitation, and prisons among many other venues. This show was at the Jericho Road Men's shelter in Patterson, NJ.

This song is a take on the old gospel tune Cross Road Blues by Robert Johnson and influenced by Adam Gussow as you'll here.

If you like what you see, follow the Agape Blues Company on YouTube and Facebook. God has opened up doors for us to minister to guys that really need a pick me up.

My name is Mike Battistella and I'm the harp and sax player for the Agape Blues Company. Dave, any thoughts or insights you would like to provide are greatly appreciated as always.


Nice work Mike. I like that

David Barrett's picture

Nice work Mike. I like that you start the tune and then the band comes in. On the IV Chord (Bars 5, 6 and 10) you hang on a 3 draw (B)... play it lower, at the 3' (Bb), to match the Bb of that chord (C E G Bb... I'm referencing a C Harmonica, as we always do in our lessons). On your I Chord, try using 4' (for the lick 6+ 6+ 5 6+ 6+ 4' 3 2), it's a great, bluesy note choice. Nice solo. Thank you for submitting.

Keep Up The Good Work!

SOTB's picture

I  hear some of Clapton's version on this one too.

I appreciate what you guys are doing, keep up the Good work.