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Annie´s Blues

mcpat76's picture

I wrote this tune for my wedding in July, However, it was not ready then. That night I played the head on the chromatic and the rest on the diatonic. It was a much slower version. I have been working on it since. It is a jazz blues in G on a C chromatic harmonica played in the blues style.

Thank you for listening.



Nice and spooky!

jimsammy's picture

Cool and a little bit creepy (in a good way!)! Nice, intellegent idea development - Good Job!

Annie's Blues

Mark Hummel's picture

nice playing in G in second. I like some of the riffs in this a lot- it's got a nice mellow almost organ like sound. Good work

Nice work!

Dennis Gruenling's picture

Hi Pat - Real nice work on the melodic ideas for this tune. I'm always a sucker (haha, pun intended!) for those flat fifths, and I'm digging the lines you used here. Also, as the tune goes on, I like how the ideas get a little more intricate, and you still pull off some nice slide work. I would have liked a little more variation in the phrasing as the intensity builds, but a real solid groove here. Very nice! - Dennis "Count Chromonica" Gruenling


hank stefaniak's picture

Congratulation on your marriage and best wishes for a long an happy life with your partner - liked the smooth flowing feel of your melody lines - nice effective articulation used for interest and effect - cool riffs in the chorus starting @2:20 - well done!!

Thank you

mcpat76's picture

Thank you very much for your kind words Hank! I am really glad you enjoyed the tune!