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Baby What You Want Me To Do

myuce's picture


Hello all,

First time posting a song here in the forum. I started Dave's recommended Blues Standards series in the "Tip of the Day" section of the forum and the first song was Jimmy Reed's "Baby What You Want Me To Do". I kind of played with it for a while, and then stumbled upon a fast backing track. Had lots of fun with it, and decided to put it up. I think the quality of the record is not great but it will do. Goes without saying, but would love to have Dave's comments along with everyone else's, if there are any.

Have a happy new year everyone...


Very nice

John S's picture

Enjoyed the redition very much and for me thats the important thing. Those more qualified can comment on the techneque but as Dave said the chord changes work very well and enhance the piece.

A bit late because I haven't

myuce's picture

A bit late because I haven't gotten on the site for a while, but thank you John.

Well done. What I

David Barrett's picture

Well done. What I particularly liked was how well you played over the chord changes (matching the strong notes of the chord). I also appreciated your use of dynamics. Thank you for submitting, and Happy New Year to you as well!