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CH1 - Great head. I like how you had the confidence to stay with the hook throughout the head... it's the main theme and it's best not modified much.
CH2 - Though the shake was nice on the IV7, I would have liked to hear your A come back with the 3' / nice tongue blocking on the V
CH3 - I like how you continue the rhythmic pull idea here / great sequence on the IV7 / Nice hand use
CH4 - Nice rhythm lick / Cool 4/5 on the IV7
CH5 - Nice Wa's on the 2" / nice tone change on the IV7
CH6 - Great tone change on the 2/5 here
CH7 - Head returns with slight variation
CH8 - Head returns again... you could have used even more variation here

VERY well done. You show a strong command of the instrument, technique and most strongly dynamics... an often missed element by all skill levels.

nice basics

Mark Hummel's picture

The head is is rather simple but effective-unfortunatly it's been used in the past alot thanks to Jimmy Reed. I like the boogie lick that starts off the proggression at 1:00. The bends that start out the one chord at 1:57 sound sharp to me but overall nice tone and space!

Enjoyed it

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Keep up the good work.

Nice relaxed phrasing with

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Nice relaxed phrasing with some good, crisp articulation.You left some real effective holes. The theme on the head and the variations on it really worked for me. You also employed some tasty hand work, especially around 2:25 when you're holding the partial 7th split chord. I do think it would help your playing a lot if you worked on developing a stronger embouchure, especially on the first 3 holes. It would give you a better "grip" on the reeds and would help give you a sound that conveys more conviction.


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Nice use of space and good clean articulation throughout - great track!

Nice entry

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Good structure here and a great relaxed style. I liked your slurring wah's @1.57 and your laid back approach throughout. The double head at the end was a great way to reconfirm the theme. Nice one Earl!


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Nice solid head and clean articulation. I like the phrasing and use of space. Chorus forms are clearly done. Nice interesting listen - good one!!

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Shuffle King Entry

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I wrote this arrangement for the purpose of East Coast or West Coast Swing Dancing. This falls in the tradition of Chicago Blues with a tempo that should satisfy both styles of dancing with a driven box pattern groove conducive to complementing any style you may use to show off your stuff on the dance floor.