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Backing Up Monster

walterjuke's picture

This was a lot of fun. I learned a lot - and learned I still have a lot more to learn about accompaniment.

Here's the harps and positions I used:

  1. D chromatic 3rd position, slide in
  2. A harp, 2nd position
  3. G harp, 2nd position
  4. A flat harp, 3rd position
  5. C chromatic 3rd position / D harp 1st position
  6. A harp 2nd position

Thanks David for the great lessons!



I knew it!!

ErwinIost's picture

Since i listened your song i knew you will be the winner, and i was right i guess..
Congratulations my friend you did a great job and you are playing really good. have fun in SPAH and if you can talk with a friend of mine who also is from Chile, his name is Cristian Inostroza, he is Seydel endorser and he is working with Joe Filisko.
By the way, i 'll do my best to go to San Jose in april 2014!!!


Thanks Erwin. I really

walterjuke's picture

Thanks Erwin. I really enjoyed your entry as well. You sounded great. I get the impression that the voting was really close.

SPAH was great. I didn't meet Cristian. I hope I get to meet you in person in San Jose.


Great job Steve

Bluevan's picture

Great job Steve congratulations!

Thanks Brian. You did a

walterjuke's picture

Thanks Brian. You did a great job too - I thought your entry was really good.


Thanks Gary, Mark and Rick

walterjuke's picture

Thanks Gary, Mark and Rick for the helpful comments. Gary's comments were spot on; I'm going to work on those areas.

There were some really good entries, so I'm very happy to have been selected. I enjoyed listening to all of them. I'm really looking forward to the Harmonica Masterclass. Thanks David for having this contest, and for the great lessons on accompaniment.


Bravo Steve! Totally enjoyed

Julian Conrad's picture

Bravo Steve!
Totally enjoyed your "less is more" approach.

Thanks Julian! Steve

walterjuke's picture

Thanks Julian!



Gary Smith's picture

Song 1
CH1 - Hook is nice... not a fan of the slide down in the first lick... good feel
CH2 - Fills sounded very musical... could have heard a fill for the second line

Song 2
Open - Not sure if you're the focus or the guitar here
CH1 - Nice backing and fills

Song 3
Nice hook

Song 4
Nice horn approach. Not a fan of the bend fall-offs on the 4 draw... I like clean horn punches

Song 5
CH1 - Nice work here (did I hear a little bit if Carey Bell influence here?)
CH2 - Tasty here

Song 6
Nice chugging... would of liked something a little more special for the IV Chord. I liked what did on the V Chord

Comin' right along!

jimsammy's picture

I can tell you're listening to the right stuff - overall, real good job.


Mark Hummel's picture

I like the chrom on first tune-solid & nice button work too. Nice easy feel on second tune-good groove & that's the most important thing. The third tune is real solid too. Fourth tune is nice-nothing wrong with that-good playing. Nice chrom on slow tune & really good flutters-excellent simplicity going on(switching to first works well with that). I like the feel on the last one-moves nice. GREAT JOB here!

Great performance

iman_rahimipour's picture

Good job , nice accompaniment

Wow awesome playing man!!!

Bluevan's picture

Wow awesome playing man!!! That chromatic playing was super slick, you sound professional!