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Barumba Thing

hank stefaniak's picture

Transposed JimiLee backing track to F and varied the volume of the bt to try to fit with my attempts at some dynamics.


I like it a lot.

totaljim's picture

I liked your song a bunch. The head, to me, was very creative and original. But, the whole tune was terrific. Good work.


David Barrett's picture

CH1 - VERY aggressive idea for the I Chord... I didn't know you were studying Jazz phrasing. Playing the I Chord, thinking as if you were soloing over a V Chord, accessing the chord's upper extensions... very hip. But of course you knew that. With that said, it's too aggressive for this jam track... with a live band they could change their chord structure to really showcase your note choices, but maybe it's still not the best choice for a light Rhumba. The IV Chord matched very well. VERY good idea in bar 12 to build into the next chorus.

CH2 - Very bluesy opening lick... again, I think you're playing too bluesy for this light feeling jam track. Killer bar 12 again.

CH3 - Nice hand usage and rhythmic chording... the rhythmic chording works well for this jam.

CH4 - Nice dynamic change... I can image how well a band would react to this

CH5 - One of your best choruses in the song!... very cool.

CH6 - Now I like the bluesy 2"... as contrast to the lighter playing in previous choruses. Nice use of high-end octaves

CH7 - Killer V-IV-I

CH8 - Head returns

Some very interesting ideas in this song. Fantastic use of bars 11 and 12. In the end, I feel a bit too aggressive note choices with this light track.

Thanks Dave

hank stefaniak's picture

Thanks David. Good useful comments. Guess I was too focussed on being more assertive and did not pay enough attention to the 'mood' of the jam track. Good lesson to remember to be a part of the band! Great learning experience!

Lee's Comments

Lee Sankey's picture


There are some good ideas in here. I like particularly like the phrasing and timing on the V and IV chord at 0:17. The draw 2 bends using the hands at 0:49 work well, a bit William Clarke like. Some nice tongue slaps e.g. at 1:28.

I feel as though your confidence comes and goes during the course of the tune. It's almost like two different players. It's not that you sound lost, it's more about your commitment waivers. Sometimes it just seems to disappear. Does that make sense? By this I do not mean the volume change. It's the intent level.

My main suggestion for you right now is to be more confident in your playing. You play well in patches. It's there, listen to 3.04 to 3.14 for example. Sounds great to me. In the groove, precise etc. So just try to maintain this level everywhere, especially in your improvisation. When you're doing that you'll be ready to tackle tone and vibrato.

Right now it sounds like there's something stopping you? Something in the way. Deal with that as a priority.

I hope this helps,


Thanks Lee

hank stefaniak's picture

Good observations and comments Lee. I have been struggling with the whole 'playing with confidence' do its good to be reminded of the need for consistency. Thanks

Cool track!

jodanchudan's picture

Great rhythmic ideas - really unexpected. I especially like that V-IV-I in the first chorus - cool idea!

Steve's comments

Steve Baker's picture

Unusual head. On the impro nice tone & good melodic ideas with great feeling for the groove. I like the way you play pickup lines leading into the next verse or to the chord changes. Like the bent trills too. Sometimes too much variation of mic volume for me. Why not try playing the dynamics yourself and vary your acoustic volume rather than using the volume control? This will give you more tonal variation and also sounds more natural. Overall very good.

Thanks Steve

hank stefaniak's picture

Really appreciate your comments Steve. They definitely give me a specific to work on. Thanks

Great stuff!

robfraser's picture

You've pulled out a cool rhumba here Hank! Loads of cool licks and great technique! The track also has your stamp firmly on it- I think you are definitely developing that "Hank Stefaniak" sound. A very original head and I love the "chicken" sound at the start of CH2!

Good job Hank! Yes I liked

walterjuke's picture

Good job Hank! Yes I liked the dynamics. Sometimes you just have to force a band to do what you need!

Good job, Hank!

marcos's picture

Some really good ideas in there!
Hard to get that band to cooperate sometimes, isn't it?
I especially liked the 5-4-1 on the first and last choruses, and the bent shakes.