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Bent outta shape

Bluevan's picture

I used the head and some licks from study song half stepping. Borrowed some LW lines and kinda improvised at the end.  Dave can you reveiw my jam, thank you I appreciate it. And thanks for this awsome place you have created, I have learned so much from this site!  still have a long way to go though.  Gear  I used,  a single ended 6L6  knight P.A amp model 93-350 preamp tube 6Ls7,  5y3 recto,  shure small shell 707A w/Heuman element, boss rv-5 reverb. reconed 1960 jensen p12q


Thank you for your

David Barrett's picture

Thank you for your submission. I like your recorded tone... very nice. I personally would like to hear reverb, delay, or both, added... though I can respect a player who likes a dry sound... just my taste. You play a very distorted amp like I do (love the tone). Explore opening your cup to varying sizes, the tones these amps can make are amazing. Watch the opening of my Music Theory Study 6 video, it's a good example of the dynamics just the opening or closing of the hands (and everything in-between) can do. Very nice V-IV-I's Nice use of Chorus Forms Nice quote from "Off The Wall" It sounds like you purposely left out turnarounds (hip idea). I personally think it's good to mix the use of those last two bars... sometimes not playing a turnaround, sometimes playing it and often using it as a pickup to the next chorus (generally most desirable). Again, thank you for sharing... very nice playing!