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Blown a Flat

capitalG's picture

Blown a Flat- C chromatic in 3rd position




This is capital, G! Superb

robfraser's picture

This is capital, G! Superb work, well composed and very well executed!

No flat here!!

hank stefaniak's picture

Congratulations - well done!!

Wow thanks Fellas, I tried to

capitalG's picture

Wow thanks Fellas,

I tried to work on what I thought was the strength of the chromatic in 3rd position.


Lots of nice contrast!

jimsammy's picture

There's lots of great contrast at work here - octave switching, tonal variety, pretty vibrato, vocal-sounding hand effects, staccato vs legato, etc. I'm impressed with the way you really made excellent use of a broad musical palette!  

Solid work

Mark Hummel's picture

i like the the repeat of riff in lower octave. Nice mix of octaves & single notes & wha wha effects on chrom( which I've heard none of till now)! Short & sweet - I like it!

Nailed it! ;)

Dennis Gruenling's picture

Hi G - Solid tune here. Nice form, catchy head, great phrasing, good slide work throughout. I particularly like the variation of dynamics you use, and that you use a wide range of the harp. Also nice quote from "Why Don't You Do Right?". I think you really nailed this one, nice work! - Dennis "Count Chromonica" Gruenling

Cool groove

hank stefaniak's picture

Yeah, definitely swings - love the solid intro - cool articulation - like how you went to low from high end to give it dynamic change - cool ending!

Good swinging feel, nice

walterjuke's picture

Good swinging feel, nice head.  I like the chorus that starts around 1:16, which the single notes - nice wah wahs, nice change of pace.  Really good playing.  


It swings!!

Steven Troch's picture

Nice swinging head, great use of the slide and killer ending . The 16 hole is a monster and not easy to play. Great job!!