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Bullet Blues

patricia mifsud's picture

I called my submission Bullet Blues because I got an early birthday present, my first mic, a green bullet just in time to record and upload my entry. So recording this was a bit of a learning experience too-getting used the the mic as at jams etc before I had only used vocal mics. Its a Bb harp & using David's jam track for the Split. I have loved working through the improvising & song writing lessons & still have a long way to going going through them all. Great to hear all the wonderful entries-congratulations everyone!! Patty



David Barrett's picture

CH1 - Nice AAA Chorus Form
CH2 - Nice A B/ A... I like the 2"
CH3 - I like how you used the dynamic change for the 3/4
CH3 - Nice change in volume here... nice V-IV-I
CH4 - Ah, a shake, nice textural change... nice sequence!
CH5 - Nice 2/5, I would have liked a lick to build up to it (from the turnaround area of the previous chorus)
CH6 - Nice
CH7 - Head... I like the shake variation

Well done... a very well written instrument that was well executed... you should be very proud of your hard work!

Thankyou very much David

patricia mifsud's picture

Learnt so much from the lessons-how the song was & where it ended up were very different and learnt from every little tip -made such a difference eg starting from lowest to highest-we are so lucky to have this website-thankyou.

Great Head!

jimsammy's picture

The first verse is real cool. The chords are right in the pocket. It grooves and it sounds like blues! Your concept in most of the rest of the song is good too, but sometimes even the good ideas don't come across as well as they could due to weak or sloppy execution. I keep coming back to this word: embouchure.

Thanks Rick!

patricia mifsud's picture

Thankyou for taking the time to listen & for all your advice. I think part of my problem with the execution was using the mic for the first time & maybe it wasn't a good idea to use if for my submission when I was still working out how to hold it etc. I will keep working on it-thanks again

good chord use

Mark Hummel's picture

I liked the use of chord timing in the start and the tongue blocking slaps. Simplicity works well here. Biting off notes would sound stronger,more enunciation of licks. The ideas are fine and work but around 2:07 I noticed octives needed to be cleaned up and worked on, especially the one on the high end at the end of the progression. I thought the tune lost focus when the playing got busier around 2:30 because of too many licks. Simple works best here.

Thanks Mark

patricia mifsud's picture

Thanks for the great feedback Mark-as a beginning instrumental writer its hard to strike a balance between adding something to make it more interesting and making it too busy. I had trouble with that chorus the whole way through-the octaves were a change with what I had before & I still wasnt happy with it & I know they did need cleaning up!! I will keep trying-thanks again!!


jodanchudan's picture

Cool rhythmic head idea! Great use of repetition and chorus forms and a sweet tone throughout!


patricia mifsud's picture

Thanks very much Jodanchudan-thanks for listening & taking time to comment!!

Fine demonstration of how to

frank's picture

Fine demonstration of how to play relaxed - the techniques you used sounded nice and loose and fit that BT quite well - easy on the ears, I like that....

Fine demonstration of how to

patricia mifsud's picture

Thanks very much Frank-I'm glad you thought i sounded relaxed-thats great hahaha whenever I go to record anything for David etc I'm usually anything but...but I'm glad it sounded that way! Loved your entry!

Thanks Rob & thanks Friedharper

patricia mifsud's picture

Thanks again for your encouragement & constructive comments!

Nice work!!

Steven Troch's picture

Nice work, I really like your piece. It has a great feel to it.

You bit the bullet!

robfraser's picture

Well done Patty. Another cool head for the competition! I like the shuffling groove you establish, rhythmic and toe tapping from the start! Echo Hank's word about the body of the track, good theme development and technique with wails, warbles and octaves aplenty. I particularly like your ending- great variation on the head and a tight finish. Congratulations on your entry!

Thankyou Wheel!!

patricia mifsud's picture

Thanks very much!

Yeah! :) Great Chicago style!

Wheel's picture

Yeah! :) Great Chicago style! like your usage of chuging!

Thanks Hank!

patricia mifsud's picture

Thanks for your kind words-yes I had lots of fun & I think me and my bullet will get along just fine!

Happy Birthday!!

hank stefaniak's picture

Nice to see and hear such good use of your birthday present. Liked the way you used repetition to set up themes. Warbles worked in nicely and articulation solid. Use of chorus forms made it interesting. Well done!!