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Bye Bye Bird / Sony Boy Wiliamson II

M.Blues's picture



I recorded my version of Bye Bye Bird / Sonny Boy Wiliamson II

I used low C Hohner Crossover harmonica and amplifier.


I play harmonica for about 2 years so I am not so expirienced player to know what is good enought.

For me is good :))) hahah....

So please let me know if I am on the right way. Especially I would like coment of David Barrett.


This is also my first song that I learned without Tabs. It was a interesting process and a lot of fun ....

I am sure that I will do more improved version of this song in the future.








Well done. This is a

David Barrett's picture

Well done. This is a harmonica standard and you did a good job. Where improvement can be made is in making your form a little more apparent. It's hard to tell where your chord changes are, making it a little random sounding. Send me an email and I'll send you a version that I did to give you an example. I took licks from all of his version to make my own arrangement. Mine is probably too predictable. Find a ballance between mine and yours and I think you'll have a nice balance.

__drools__ ...I'd like to

joey.kendall's picture

__drools__ ...

I'd like to get my hands on a version of this song, I love the way it sounds but my by ear skills are seriously lacking still.  One of these days I really need to submit my level 2 materials and start making progress again ... 

oh yea .. great job on the song, it sounds like your having a blast.

Thanks David

M.Blues's picture

It s great to hear that I do it well...

Thanks that you take time for me ... that I can improve my self !

I wil be very happy if you can realy send me your version of the song. I"ll give my best to improve my version!



I like it! You are definitely

marcgraci's picture

I like it! You are definitely on the right path. You have the basic skeleton of the song in place, with a lot of Sonny's signature ideas. I think that, if you continue to listen to the original and you keep practicing, you will some improvements that you can make. There is a lot of nuance to Sonny's style.

The C is an interesting choice. For me, it's too low. I like the sound of a low F or even a G harmonica. They have very nice chords.

Do you know the song "Getting Out of Town", by Rick Estrin? Rick is one of the best harmonica players today, in that Sonny Boy style. And he's a great showman! Check this out:

choice of low C

HarpKat's picture

Great song, one of my favorites and it sounds good in most any key, but if you're going to sing, that's a consideration.  But this player probably chose low C because Sonny Boy played it on a low C.  Also, Joe Filisko plays the song on a low C on The History of the Blues harmonica Concert CD set.  Pick low C if you want to copy these players.

Marc thanks

M.Blues's picture

 I am very pleased to hear that you like it and that you think that I am on the right way with this song.