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Ca va aller

mcpat76's picture

My submission is a swing called Ca va aller (it's gonna be all right) played in D in 3nd and 2nd position. I generated a jam track using Band-in-a-Box. This software was not always easy to manage. The tune is organized like this:
Head/ Break/ Head/ Solo x 4/ Bridge/ Head/ Break/ Solo x 3/ Bridge/ Head x2/ Ending
As everybody else I spent a lot of time working on my tune. I chose a swing at 180 bpm. It's been challenging to play at this speed. Aside from the speed, switching harmonica was also a concern.Unfortunately there are still some mistakes.
The head is made of sequences. In the solos there are different quotes that you will recognize. I also tried to vary the chorus forms and the focus notes.
I used a regular green bullet and a Fender Super Champ XD,
At the end there is a drum break that the software put when I go back to the head the first time. I haven't been able to remove it. It WAS NOT meant to be there.
Thank you for listening.



David Barrett's picture

CH1 - Nice A for the head / Great use of sequencing
CH2 - Nice use of break and a cool lick / I like how you use fragments of the head here
CH3 - Another great lick and well thought out throughout the chorus
CH4 - Nice tonal and dynamic use
CH5 - Nice tonal and dynamic use
CH6 - I like how you quote Clarke in this and previous chorus
CH7 - Ah, Bridge, well done
CH8 - Head with variation
CH9 - Harp change... 2nd Position, nice idea
CH10 - Nice idea to use Walter's licks here... though you struggle to play it at this speed. Good effort, but should you use something that you can't play well in a recording? Just something to think about.
CH11 - Glad to hear some high-end ideas here
CH12 - Bridge
CH13 - Back to 3rd Po and head
CH14 - Head with variation

Man, great job!... I can tell you worked your ass off on this one. TONS of great ideas... and you weren't afraid to stretch yourself. I can imagine how well this would go with a well-rehearsed live band. Super job, incorporating many of my lessons... you are a good student.

One of the challenges with a song this fast and so packed with ideas is how to present it to the listener. I personally am very similar to you in song writing... I like to throw tons of ideas in. The next step for you is what you TAKE OUT. I know, it's painful! You now have an over-written song... everything is in there... the goal is to thin and thin and thin until you get the essence of each chorus so that the song can have maximum impact. Very tough to do, but it will have that much more impact once you do.

good licks but too fast a tempo

Mark Hummel's picture

Good tone and REALLY GOOD articulation but the tempo is obviously too fast or you couldn't hear the drums well when you recorded this? I like the switch from 3rd position to 2nd position midway and then back. I'd say pick a slower tempo next time to fit all those licks in. I heard the Bill Clarke and Little Walter licks,maybe Mussel as well?

Lots of great licks

panamaharp's picture

Great tone and lots of great licks

Thak you. I really like your

mcpat76's picture

Thak you. I really like your comment because good tone and great licks are what I am constently working on.

Good control

jimsammy's picture

You have real good control. Your bends are nice and accurate, and you have a good focused tone. The only criticism I might make is that sometimes you're getting out of sync rhythmically with the track. It sounds like that happens most when you're trying to cram in a slightly tricky lick that doesn't necessarily fit the groove of the track.

Great instrumental!

jodanchudan's picture

Great position playing and lots of very cool licks - great work!

Thank you. I am very pleased

mcpat76's picture

Thank you. I am very pleased that a great player like you likes my tune.

Oh Yeah!!!

hank stefaniak's picture

So much good stuff going on here. Chorus forms used effectively and techniques well executed for impact. Breaks give it a real nice flavour and the harp switching for different positions is enviable. Great ending. Well done!!

Thank you Hank. I am glad you

mcpat76's picture

Thank you Hank. I am glad you like my tune. I really focused on the chorus forms and the ending required some work because of speed and timing.

great chops!

robfraser's picture

Your track is packed with fantastic licks Mcpat! You have good tone and the use of 2nd and 3rd make for some great harp contrast. I like your head and, in particular, the flourish at the end.You quote your lines well- no prizes for guessing one of your favourite harpmen, right..?! Well done for putting yourself through that 180bpm pace!

Thank you Rob. I really

mcpat76's picture

Thank you Rob. I really appreciate your comment. Let me know who you think my favorite players are.