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Cat Nip

iantonionni's picture

Named because my cat could not resist my foot-tapping (bare feet) when trying to record this.


Madcat's comments:

Peter Madcat Ruth's picture

I really like the hook first introduced at 0:25. I was always glad when that section returned. And the hook you introduced at 3:06 was very nice. I recommend you refine that hook and introduce it much earlier in the song and then let that hook return a few more times during the song. The high end stuff that you introduced at 1:15 seemed a bit out of place in this song. I'd save if for another song. The speed up at 2:11 was a bit abrupt. Say "hi" to your cat for me...


Joe Filisko's picture

Very strong variety of ideas and techniques going on. The hook you had reoccuring on hole 2 was always refreshing to hear come back. Nice dynamic fade at the end. I would encourage you to refine this into a few tunes. There were many cool things happening that you did not come back to. The beatboxing thing at the beginning was cool, along with the call and response vocalizations. More please! You could also make a whole tune from the DeFord Fox Chase thing that you had happening towards the end. JF

Comments - Tom Ball

Tom Ball's picture

The first thing that caught my ear was at :25 – excellent bend control. And more to the point, the two notes played at :27 (and repeated at :31) actually sound like the words “Cat Nip!” Very cool! I like the vocalizations at :49-:52, although I would be remiss if I didn’t mention they’re a bit flat. Starting at 2:11–now that’s real chugging!

Comments - David Barrett

David Barrett's picture

Catchy rhythm. I like the 2" 2+ 2" 2+ lick. I like the vocalizations (though you may think about singing a note that's linked to what your playing or a replacement of a previously played note). I like how you go back to the 2" 2+ 2" 2+ lick. Nice use of tongue blocking techniques in the middle. I'm glad to hear you go to the high-end... though keep in mind that focusing on the blows makes it somewhat of a key change... maybe you wanted that? Nice work.

Thanks David, I did like the

iantonionni's picture

Thanks David, I did like the feel of a change of key in the upper register, I thought it brought a nice contrast to the rest of the piece.

Top Cat

jodanchudan's picture

Really like the way you've got repeating licks and ideas here to make the whole thing hang together - and the way the piece changes and develops into the train rhythm. Good stuff!


robfraser's picture

Grreat demonstration of your ability! Loving the whoops and the excursion to the high end! The change of rhythm @2.10 really caught my attention

Kitty strikes!!

hank stefaniak's picture

Cool rhythmic chugging that must have driven your cat crazy!! - You sure kept your concentration to keep that steady rhythm going as you threw the riffs in between Good one!!