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hank stefaniak's picture

Seydel Saxony C chromatic in the key of D. Recorded in GarageBand. These exercises always fascinate and challenge me but in the end I have to admit I learn one heck of a lot by going through them. The learning will continue as I read the comments form other members of this forum and especially the judges. Thanks David!!


Nice Latin feel

Mark Hummel's picture

i like how this separates from the pack with a minor Latin feel- well executed composition here!

Thanks Mark

hank stefaniak's picture

Thanks  for listening and commenting Mark. You inspired the Latin groove approach!!

Different - I dug it!

jimsammy's picture

Nice sort of gypsy/european flavor to this piece. A different kind of groove too. I like it! One suggestion I might make would be to try and develop a more focused sound.

Thanks Rick

hank stefaniak's picture

Thanks for your comments Rick. I'm not sure what you mean by a more focussed sound and will follow up on it as a goal for improvement. Much appreciated

Fresh Air

Dennis Gruenling's picture

Hi - This groove here and rhythmic ideas involved were a welsome breath of fresh air in this group. Nice comvination of single notes, octaves, and chords. There were great melodic moments thoughout the changes here. One thing I wanted to hear more of was space in some spots. The groove was so different, sometimes it is nice to let more space between phrasing to let the groove carry the listener on the ride more...but I dug some of the rhytmic ideas here as well!  - Dennis "Count Chromonica" Gruenling


hank stefaniak's picture

Thanks Dennis - appreciate your comments and the tip on using spaces more effectively!! 

Good job!

mcpat76's picture

I like the fact that it is a groove that we don´t hear very often. Also, you use different textures and you vary the rythms. To me it is not an easy groove to play and you managed to add variety in the choruses. Good job!


hank stefaniak's picture

Really appreciate your comments. It was an interesting exercise but one I enjoyed and learned from. I'm pleased you picked up on some of the things I was trying to bring out!!

Nice tune! It fits the

walterjuke's picture

Nice tune! It fits the accoustic sound of the chromatic well.  Nice alteration between octaves and single notes.  



hank stefaniak's picture

Thanks Walter = appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment.

Amazing Song!!!

ErwinIost's picture

My dear friend, you did a great job on this song. The way you move between octaves and single notes is really nice. The tone is strong and the melody is well developed. As i told Marty , good ideas on this song, i guess Canada is taking this contest!!!

All the best for you my dear friend!!!


Thank you

hank stefaniak's picture

Thanks Erwin. I hold your comments in high regard and Chile will rank high on the list of winners!!


J.D. Blazek's picture

I liked the flow of it.  Big sound cresting and then more single notes.  It felt like that part was a personal conversation and then bang back into the big sound.  

I haven't really started learning Chromatic yet but that sounded really nice Hank.

Great work.



hank stefaniak's picture

Thanks for your comments JD. Much appreciated and glad you liked the flow from chords to single notes. 

Charomba - nice exotic feel

Marty Howe's picture

There is something about your piece, such a nice exotic feel that I like. I love how the blues form has the flexibility to be embraced by many different world music styles.

Obviously you have been listening to George Harmonica Smith with the fat chords.

Thanks for your chromatic colors :)


hank stefaniak's picture

Thanks for your comments Marty - I'm throlled that you recognized something I've worked on for a long time. I listen to George Harminca Smith as well as a couple others who play with that big fat sound and try to let that sound influence my playing. 

Take care and see you sonn up in Nanaimo!