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Chilean Rhumba

ErwinIost's picture

Rhumba from Chile. I hope you like it.
i tried to put some licks that i use to play when i play rhumba in jam sessions, but i also tried to give some sense to my song.
My gear:
Fender Champio 600, Chuck Gurney's mic(CM shure), Marine Band Deluxe.



Bluevan's picture



jodanchudan's picture

Congratulations - and good luck at the finals!


hank stefaniak's picture

Congratulations Erwin! A nicely written piece of work that is executed extremely well! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. Best wishes for Trossingen!

Thanks my friend

ErwinIost's picture

thanks for your words....i 'll try to do my best in Germany, but first of all i need to do my best to get money for the ticket, lol...


totaljim's picture

Good, good, good! I'll be in Trossingen and I hope to meet you there and look forward to hearing your performance.


ErwinIost's picture

i 'll see you in Trossingen..and certainly we can jam some rhumba blues email is email me and we 'll be in touch

Congratulations Erwin! Mihail

mishaikin's picture

Congratulations Erwin!



marcos's picture

Have fun in Trossingen!


David Barrett's picture

CH1 - Nice light feel to get things rolling... I like your V-IV-I
CH2 - Nice IV lick
CH3 - Nice melodic variations here
CH4 - Nice break from repetitive phrasing here... great buildup to CH5
CH5 - Nice lines that traverse the entire range... great buildup in bars 11 and 12 again
CH6 - Great triple quarters leading to IV
CH7 - Head w/variations

Very well done... you worked hard on this and the end result shows.


jodanchudan's picture

Great track with some very cool Gary Smith-type dirty bends and double stops. Some cool fast runs too.

Steve's comments

Steve Baker's picture

Nice tune with good ideas both for head and impro. I like the little syncopations. It grooves well and has a consistent stylistic line running through it which I like. Also good octave / interval playing. Your intonation is accurate, whether on bends or regular notes. However I miss both dynamic variation and power in your approach to hitting the individual notes and feel that you're not converting all of your breath energy into sound. I'd second Lee's comments here, if you work on this you'll sound more varied and powerful. Good entry.

Lee's comments

Lee Sankey's picture

Hi there, this has a cheeky, summer vibe to it. Good job on writing a melody for the head. There are also some touches in the solo. For example the timing variation at 0.40, bridging phrase into new 12 bar at 1:10 and the way you hold the 4, 5 d phrase at 1:50, these all take the listener on a journey.

The melody might also work well with some octaves e.g 6b,5b in there. Maybe experiment incorporating them in the outro to add some contrast next time.

My main observation for you is to try and let the reeds sing a bit more. It sounds a bit like your playing with your shoulders hunched up. Does that make sense? It feels a little tight and like everything is pushed forward in the mouth. Try relaxing, move the sound back into the chest and think about the air moving across the reeds with no interference from you. Get this right and it will make a big difference to what you already do musically.

Also you don't play many long notes. For me that's one of the best qualities of the harmonica. May be think about using this aspect a bit more.

Overall, great vibe, it sounds 'musical' rather than playing by numbers. Just work on your 'connection' to the reeds.

Hope this helps,


I like it!!

robfraser's picture

Fantastic rhumba, Erwin! I echo Walterjuke's comment- you sound like you're playing for fun but the technical skill is there for all to hear. For me, the track really takes of @1.12 as you step effortlessly through the gears. Well done indeed!

but what about you my friend?

ErwinIost's picture

i was waiting for your song....
Well, thanks for your kind words my friend...

Take care,

Great job!

marcos's picture

Great tone.
The song really holds together as a "piece," while there is plenty of variation to keep the listener interested.
Builds nicely in intensity (and speed!).

Thanks Marcos

ErwinIost's picture

i really like Rhumba and i listened a lot of song before compose this. mainly Rhumbas by Louis Jordan..he was a genious !!!



marcos's picture

"Early in the Morning" is one of my favorites!

This sounds happy and makes

walterjuke's picture

This sounds happy and makes me want to dance! Those are some really technical licks that you're tossing off so nonchalantly. You make it sound easy!

I want to go to a jam session where they call rumbas! Now I really want to go to South America.


Thanks Steve

ErwinIost's picture

when i think in Rhumba i think in Dance, in something happy so i tried to do a song with that concept....i am glad you notice....
By the way if you want to come to south america, let me know!!


Mision accomplished!

hank stefaniak's picture

Success on both 'tries'. I like your tone and flowing melody lines. Solid head and some very tricky riffs that you nailed! Way to go!!

Thanks Hank

ErwinIost's picture

I am glad you like my tone. i try to improve it everyday....