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Chilean Swing

ErwinIost's picture

Well, i 've been listening Swing a long time before to composite this song. i took part of a head from a song called Duke's in Bed by John Hodges and Duke Ellington...just a little part but it helped me a lot to focus my idea.
the quality of the record is not good enough but i tried to do my best.
i used the chromatic and diatonic harp and my gear is:
Chuck Gurney mic and a Peavey Classic 30
I hope you like it....

Thanks and greetings from Chile. by the way...merry christmas and happy new year for all of you and yours family!!!




diabluz's picture

Nice job Chino! bravo!

Gary Smith Judging

Gary Smith's picture

Good groove... plays in the pocket... diatonic low bends need work

Nice timing. Has a George

Mark Hummel's picture

Nice timing. Has a George Smith quality. The diatonic adds & different quality which works. Nice groove on this,very smooth!

Thanks Mr Hummel!!!!

ErwinIost's picture

I 've been working on timing after the shuffle king contest....i am also working so hard on chromatic harp....your songs like Rotten Kid and Humblebug are really good for study.....
thanks again

David Barrett Judging

David Barrett's picture

Here we go!

CH1 - Nice feel / The button usage at the end of the second line was a little awkward / cool building lick at the end
CH2 - Nice licks and great use of octaves at the end
CH3 - Cool rhythmic lick here / cool Turnaround
CH4 - Nice / again, the button usage at the end of the second line was a little awkward / VERY cool V-IV-I and buildup
CH5 - Nice
CH6 - Switch to diatonic / Good idea to start with a 4 bend... you want the listener to easily recognize why you switched to a different harp
CH7 - Great opening lick... I would have played it MUCH louder... it's a POWER LICK!
CH8 - Switch was a little awkward... I recommend you work on some ideas to make the switch a bit less abrupt.

Great entry, really enjoyed listening to it!


ErwinIost's picture

Thanks David, i 'll work on the awkward lick that i played...


hank stefaniak's picture

I'm on the bandwagon here too!! Smooth licks and solid tone on the chrom. Nice job on effective use of tongue blocking techniques. Repetition riffs worked nicely as did the switch to diatonic and then back to chrome. Impressive stuff!!


ErwinIost's picture

Thanks Hank, i am glad you like was a little complicated switch harps but i guess it worked!!!!

Very easy on the ears

patricia mifsud's picture

I agree with Rob love the floating quality of the notes & very smooth,beautifully played! Envy your vibrato


ErwinIost's picture

Hello Patricia:

Thanks for your kind words. My friend Ben Bouman from Holland helped me with my vibrato...and also the David lesson too.!!!!
thanks again

Great song! I really enjoyed

jimmiemeade's picture

Great song! I really enjoyed your tone, time, and feel- well played!

Hey Jimmie

ErwinIost's picture

Thanks, i am glad you like my song!!!!

Greetings from Chile


marcos's picture

Great work on both harps!
Enjoyed listening!

Sweet Chromatic Tone, Great Ideas

walterjuke's picture

You have really nice tone, vibrato, and bends on the chromatic - very nice playing on both instruments. I can tell you listen to a lot of Ellington. There are some really catchy and swinging ideas here. A very professional job.

Johnny Hodges is my favorite sax player by the way - what a sweet tone! I hear a bit of Johnny in your playing.


robfraser's picture

What a cool groove! great chromatic lines and the tone is so mellow! Your bends seem to float and hang in the air somehow- impressive! The switch back to the chrom for the last head was also very slick. Really enjoyable- great job Erwin!