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Chill 'em Shuffle

ErwinIost's picture

Greetings from Chile!!
i tried to keep on classic shuffle for this song. Jano Letelier on guitar, who is a really good guitarplayer and singer, he is also an amazing songwriter. This song is in key of F and i played in second position using a BetaHarp in Bb, customized by Ben Bouman.

The name of the song is a trick of words, it sounds like Chilean. I hope you get Chill out with this song!!!!!



David Barrett's picture

CH1 - Nice A B/A C Head... catchy and well played
CH2 - Nice hand usage
CH3 - Nice how you're building in focus notes
CH4 - Nice change in rhythm and doubling-up on the V7
CH5 - Well done on the high-end playing... tasteful / Nice break in the turnaround area that continues into CH6
CH6 - Nice break
CH7 - Good
CH8 - Again, a nice break / Nice use of tongue blocking in this chorus
CH9 - Nice lick and octave substitution
CH10 - Good idea to break on this return of the head / great idea to play in unison with guitar on ending

Well done!... some very nice playing and well though-out arrangements.

Nice ideas

Mark Hummel's picture

Nice ideas-especially in the front three progressions. Felt pretty relaxed in there. As the tune goes it gets al little more on the busy side. As it gets busy the timing gets shakier,as you'll notice at 2:35. Nice chops and fairly original too. You're developing your own style I think!

Overall a good effort

jimsammy's picture

You have some good ideas in there. I especially like the verse that starts around 1:20.
You also demonstrate a good groove when you're not getting too excited and trying to cram too many licks in.
(Hey, sometimes I'm guilty of that too!)
You may want to think about working on fattening your tone and focusing a little less on licks.
The song is also possibly a little too long. It could've used a little more mental editing.
Overall though, there's some real good stuff in there.

Thanks for your Kind Words

ErwinIost's picture

I appreciate your words you guys!!! i tried to create an instrumental using the improvising techniques that i learn from David and his lessons and i also put some my ideas to create this song. My friend who helped me is a great guitar player and we tried to do some licks together and they work fine...i am glad you like the song!!!!
Cheers from Chile

Very Cool!

patricia mifsud's picture

I absolutely loved this-I loved the way the live guitar sounded-and the way you two- worked so well together.Had great rhythm & swing & like everyone else I loved the way it built around 2:00 & all the tricky little things with the guitar.Hope you do well!


jodanchudan's picture

Great technique and tone, and this is a really well thought out instrumental.

Good rhythmic feel

walterjuke's picture

You have a really nice rhythmic feel going on here. Nice tone, good variety and progression to the tune. I especially like the feel of what you and the guitar player are doing on the head. The tricky stuff around 2:15 is impressive, and the guitar and you obviously worked out something cool here. Ditto on the ending. You're taking good advantage of having a real musician (and a good one) instead of jam track.

Nice stuff!

Crisp and confident

frank's picture

Crisp and confident performance, like how you let the raw voice of the harmonica ring out loud and proud...


robfraser's picture

Very refreshing to hear a track with just guitar as backing.I imagine myself sat with an informal audience on a warm Chile evening, beer in hand, chilling out to your fantastic vibe! As Hank commented, a wonderful crescendo starting at 2.05 and brilliantly echoed by the guitar. Very skillful playing throughout, well done indeed Erwin!

El buen!!

hank stefaniak's picture

Nice expressive playing - liked the repeated riff @2:05 - effective!! Your techniques are well done and used effectively to give life to the song. Congratulations!!