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Chroma Highway Blues

PeterG's picture

Following the guideline rules beyond standard blues I also love 8 bar blues and songs from say Bessie Smith through the 40s & 50s Classics to say Ray Charles.

I was influenced by some of these chord structures within my composition which is a Verse-Bridge-Verse in the key of G played three times around.To add dimension I decided on three positions 1st 3rd and 2nd so use 12 hole chromatics in G ,F and C. It's a straightforward chart for a band with a one bar drum turnaround for the harp swaps.Please turn it up loud !

The title relates to the never ending chromatic blues highway and I've humbly tried to incorporate some of the chromatic effects and inspirations which are mentioned on the site as well as in the great interviews.

Keep Rockin Guys/Pg


Placement of the fingers

pbasham's picture

Could not decide where to tap my fingers.  It was automatic from the first note and for some reason I couldn't control my head.  It kept bobing up and down.  Nice song.  Getting a chromatic for Christmas cause I love melodies. Very nice submission.

Ambitious as hell.

jimsammy's picture

It sure sounds like quite a bit of work went into the assembly of this piece! It's all pretty darn musical - makes sense and it contains some nice contrasting effects. Good job!

Complex stuff

Mark Hummel's picture

very challanging song & must have required five or six hands to pull off with that many harps! Sounds like you get around pretty well on chrom!

Great Idea

Dennis Gruenling's picture

Definitely a great idea here! Nice song structure (I love these chord progressions as well) and this is quite an undertaking in one position, let alone three positions. You had some great lines in the first section especially, I particularly dug that part (1st position I assume). I also liked how you snuck in some Little Walter diatonic licks in there (from "Juke"). Not an easy task by any means for these three positions, but the 1st position in particular I think really stuck out...nice effort! - Dennis "Count Chromonica" Gruenling

Thanks for the ride

Marty Howe's picture

I really like your tune !   Makes me want to pull out my harpoon and play along!  Thanks for the ride down the chrome highway :)




hank stefaniak's picture

Totally impressed with you using three positions - definitely giving me reason to explore more than third the way you constructed and played this smooth number - well done and thoroughly enjoyable!!

Sweet! I really like the

walterjuke's picture

Sweet! I really like the opening.  Nice easy feel, nice bending, nice tune.  Cool!  This is definitely different, and you know your way around the chromatic.  Really nice playing.


Wow, using 3 different

Steven Troch's picture

Wow, using 3 different chromatics in different positions. I would get lost on your highway :-).

Great job.