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Chuggin in the Rapids

Rapidashes's picture

I love to play Lost John & Trains. I like listening to the early players just get so much sound out of a cord. You can really milk the various combinations of notes recreating without hardly moving.
I'm throwing the dice here, I'm not as prepared as I hoped to be, it's a little harder than I just jammin out a groove for fun. Thanks for the challange.

p.s. love the site, the interviews, and I'm hooked, thanks so much for what your doing here!!!


nice song

baldur's picture

you play the armoniica so good, i like your style, congratulations!!!!

Madcat"s comments

Peter Madcat Ruth's picture

I like that little hook at 0:21. It would be good to develop that hook so it could be played very cleanly, and that bent note could be played in tune. I would also recommend that that hook be repeated twice. I also like the hook variation that you played at 1:09, which could also have been repeated twice. I think the song is a bit too long. It would be stronger if it was shorter. Over all, it works well, and it moves right along.


Rapidashes's picture

Thank you very much for your directions, I will try to develop the hook. Its not as easy as it seems it would be to develop a song. Taking all these great comments i, I know it would have paid for me to have recorded myself and developed the idea more completely. What a great lesson this has been. I really like your DVD and I'm waiting for the next one!!!!


Joe Filisko's picture

Good energy and enthusiasm. Big variety of chording variations and nice chord sound. A more clear and established hook would have made it even better. JF


Rapidashes's picture

Thanks for the comments, I will work on them. I really wanted to define a hook well enough to come back to over and agian, like a "Lost John", but I rushed into this Competition and I think it showes. Thank you also for such great music, " I C Special" is always in my playlist as well as the "History of the Harmonica". Both are a must have!!

Comments - Tom Ball

Tom Ball's picture

Starts off a bit tentative but then builds to some nice crescendos. Good control of your bent notes (especially 3-draw,) and nice alternation between open handed and cupped. Tongue splits at 1:07 work very well. Solid rhythm throughout. Nice job.

Thank you! I'll work on that

Rapidashes's picture

Thank you! I'll work on that begining. Also, I love your 20th Anniversary-Live! There's so many great harmonica parts. I always think of that Will Shade blues song "Stealing, Stealing" .......... ;-)


Rapidashes's picture

Thanks for the kind words.

Great chugging

jodanchudan's picture

I like the way this builds up, the chord textures getting thicker and the rhythm more complex - nice stuff!

Comments - David Barrett

David Barrett's picture

I liked the 3' to give the feel of a IV Chord. Good choice to use octaves in there as well... it's a nice texture change. The more articulate passage at 2:15 and 2:55 is also a nice change.


Rapidashes's picture

I really wanted to do some thing in this contest. I wanted to start with the chug and flesh it out from there. I look forward to nailing down the advice and making a nice chicken necking- chug piece. Thanks for this site, very good stuff here. I love of History of the Blues Thank you for doing that.

Well Chugged!

robfraser's picture

Really like this- great chord work and you really know how to get those rich, fat tones out of the harp! Big up!

Just kept getting better and

hank stefaniak's picture

Just kept getting better and better as it went on - liked the note bleeds and slaps - cool steady rhythm. Man,if this is "not prepared", with preparation, you would be killer. Well done!!