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Don't Die On Me

marcos's picture

Not quite ready for prime time, but time to turn it in. Always a learning experience.



Akarsha Kumar's picture

I really enjoyed the interplay between 2nd and 3rd position harps on this instrumental. To my ear, the third chorus is the strongest in terms of ideas and harmonies. I was left wishing that this chorus should have been repeated somehow as it would provide a solid theme to the overall song.


Gary Smith's picture

Loose feel... good tone... low harp stands out... well done.


David Barrett's picture

Thank you for your submission. Here we go...

CH1 - Nice low-harp 2nd Position work here. Nice subtle backing.
CH2 - Nice 3rd Position playing. Backing was at times on the edge of being too loud, but I think it works.
CH3 - Nice harmony at 1:27. Great idea to bring the harmony back at the IV Chord (1:40) and V Chord (1:54). This is one of my favorite chorusses.
CH4 - Great idea to turn up the heat with the higher 3rd Po playing.
CH5 - Harmonies don't quite work for me here. Because you're not matching note-for-note and the rhythm of the harmony parts, it sound more like improvisers trying to make something work on the spot, apposed to worked out and rehearsed parts. Ending at 3:21 starts out nice, but again the parts deviate and the effect is lost.

To take this instrumental to the next level you'll want to polish your harmony parts so they lock in. I also feel that the song can benefit from some type of thematic element... a riff, movement or rhythm. You have elements, but nothing that I can point to and say, "that's your theme." This is very challenging to do on a slow blues.

Thanks for submitting. Very nice playing!

Need help to play Harmonica

TIMOTHY's picture

You are a pro at the Harmonica.....right