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Easy Going

Wheel's picture

I've used 3 harmonicas to record harmony parts: Low F in 12th position, Ab in 3rd position and Eb in 2nd. Some parts were played not in unison but in different intervals too in that way I've tried to emulate the sound of horn section. I hope you will like it.


Great Horn-like stuff, love

Steven Troch's picture

Great Horn-like stuff, love it.

Steven Troch


Akarsha Kumar's picture

Way cool - why is this song only 4 choruses long? I would love to hear a longer version which, Iā€™m sure, would kick ass. The V chord harmony on chorus 3 put a big smile on my face :)


Gary Smith's picture

Cool use of "Caladonia" turnaround....12th position???? cool!


David Barrett's picture

Thanks for your submission. Here we go!...

CH1 - Nice swing feel / nice unison/octave and secondary harmony in response
CH2 - Nice
CH3 - I like the trading off and coming together at the end
CH4 - Nice hooky-lick... and what?... it ends! Bummer. That was too short... I wanted more!

Lot's of nice ideas, it just feels like it didn't reach its full potential because of its short length. Thanks for sharing... excellent playing and ideas.

Hi, David! Thank you so much

Wheel's picture

Hi, David! Thank you so much for your kind words!You know it's because the backing track in the key I wanted to play was to short. It's from Ed Freidland's "Blues Jam" book. All backing tracks from it are the same length :(But I decided to make some song like band intro in blues orchestra. Something the band will play before frontman is coming on the stage :) Like "Time is Tight" or like all these bands intros behind Clarence Gatemouth, BB King and so on :)I wish I was in California to meet you and Gary, and Aki :)