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Eddy Vanschepdael

Eddy Vanschepdael's picture

Song #1: LLF harmonica 1st position
Song #2: A harmonica 2nd position
Song #3: G harmonica 2nd position
Song #4: LEb harmonica 2nd position
Song #5: G harmonica 2nd position
Song #6: A harmonica 2nd position



Gary Smith's picture

Song 1
CH1 - Interesting choice of harmonica here... I would have played something on the V Chord even though the guitar solos, it's nice to hear a little of you in the background
CH2 - I would have changed on the V Chord here

Song 2
Open - Nice opening lick
CH1 - Nice chording... you could have played some fills too if you wanted

Song 3
Open - 4 draw works here
Chorus - Like that matched the hook with the band

Song 4
I would have most likely of chosen to play horn lines here, but chugging works too!

Song 5
CH1 - This works... I would have probably not played the 4 draw prominently though, it detracts from the guitar solo
CH2 - Very nice fills

Song 6
Nice. Be cautious to not play so loud in the vocal breaks at the end.

Basically the right idea

jimsammy's picture

The line on the first song reminds me of the sax on "Need My Baby" by Big Walter. Gotta bend that 3rd hole a little on the IV though. Overall sounds like you're on the right track. A little more attention to groove and tone and you'll be doing real good.


Mark Hummel's picture

Nice idea on low harp but the four chord didn't really work with note choice. Kind of horn like though(which I like). Second tune feels a little sluggish & behind beat. Same with third song.I like the low harp on the chug shuttle of fourth tune. Slow blues is alright but could use a few more tension notes in there to hold it together. I like the last tune-playin in break reminds me of Muddy's Sugar Sweet.

good idea on using the low

Bluevan's picture

good idea on using the low harps, i got accouple but never would have have thought to use them. Great job man!

Ooh I gotta get some of those

walterjuke's picture

Ooh I gotta get some of those low low harps! Sounds cool. Nice ideas and nice tone. Good job.