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Garrys blues

Bluevan's picture

I always have fun playing this song, slight variation in a chorus or 2. As always Dave your reveiw would be appreciated. Thanks ,Bluevan


Very well done. No comments

David Barrett's picture

Very well done. No comments except that this was a fine performance and thank you for submitting.

Very fine playing!!

Guillaume-15's picture

Very very fine playing. I like your tone so much.

What is your equipment.

Cheers from France

Thank you! I used a stromberg

Bluevan's picture

Thank you! I used a stromberg carlson AU-29 p.a. head that is completely restored to stock spec. It’s a single ended amp 1 6l6, 2 6sj7, 5y3, about 8 Watts I think. The speaker is a reconed 1960 Jensen p12q, mic is small shell shure 707 w/Heumann element. Lonewolf delay.