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Gator Fryolator

Steven Troch's picture

This instrumental tune is in the key of D played on C chromatic.

I used a backtrack to record it. It has 12 choruses, I repeated the first chorus  4 times throughout the song. The main idea was to make one big head using 3 choruses. So I consider CH1 - CH2 - CH3 to be my main theme. The soloing starts on CH5 and ends on CH9. 

 I'm planning to record the song so I'm wondering what the judges have to say. 


CH 1 : The head uses a A A A chorus form

CH 2 : AAB chorus form

CH 3 : same as CH 1

CH 4 : Breaks with some usage of the slide button

CH 5 : Hornlike riff 

CH 6 : Hornlike riff using the same frasing but played higher

CH 7 : more freely organ-style impro

CH 8 : more freely organ-style impro

CH 9 : Breaks 

CH 10 : Head

CH 11 : AAB chorus form

CH 12 : Head with break at the ending 


Kind regards,

Steven Troch





hank stefaniak's picture

Congratluations Steven on a well played and well written piece of work!!

Hey Hank

Steven Troch's picture

Thank you very much Hank. I really loved your song.



robfraser's picture

I've arrived late at the chromatic party but what great tunes from all and a deserved first place! Watch out now!


Steven Troch's picture

Thank you Rob. You are right, there were alot of great tunes in this competion. 


Steven Troch



Bosch's picture

Congratulations Steven! It's a great song! I hope you will record it soon! Big fan from Den Haag!

Hey Bosch

Steven Troch's picture

Thanks, man. I hope to meet you one day in Holland.






walterjuke's picture

Congratulations Steven wonderful job!


Big thanks

Steven Troch's picture

A special thanks to the fantastic judges who all 3 have inspired and influenced me. Also a big thanks to David Barrett and everybody who entered the contest. Always very inspiring to hear all the entries and they were all great. 

Keep harping,


Dig the chords

jimsammy's picture

I really like what you do with those big chords.I also dig the fact that appreciate the value of occasional "ugly" in the right spot. Good job on the breaks too! As Mark said, it sounded and felt natural - not like you were "button-happy".

Nice Walter kinda feel

Mark Hummel's picture

i really like this one, Steven! It's got an original feel but has some LW qualities in style & sound. Feels very solid idea wise & in execution. I like the thoughtful use of button- not overdoing it. Smart but soulful playing

Diggin' It!

Dennis Gruenling's picture

Hi Steve - Real nice work on this tune! Tone/amplified is great. The arrangement was great, nice chodal accents, the break-time playing was real cool too, keeping the groove going. It builds nicely, and you pulled it off like a pro. I dug every chorus, with the only thing I wanted to hear different was perhaps more melodic ideas in CH 8, but that's only because you built up so many nice ideas with all the other parts. Really nice work on this one - Bravo! - Dennis "Count Chromonica" Gruenling

Big sound!!

hank stefaniak's picture

Man, thats coming on with monster tone - love the power in the opening - articulaiton strong and definite - so much Wm Clarke influence I think - great melody lines and variations - stop time well done! - you obviously gave time and thought to the development of this!! solid head and very well done ending!!

Hi Steven.  I always look

walterjuke's picture

Hi Steven.  I always look forward to hearing your playing.  This is great stuff.  I love the strong attacks on the opening.  It's really nice tune too.  I like the stop time section that follow - nice change of pace.  The high end bit that happens around 1:16 is a great constrast - really intense.  Overall this is a really well constructed tune.  I hear lots of Clarke and Smith in this - and lots of Troch. It's in the tradition but still original sounding.  Great!