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Going For It

hank stefaniak's picture

Like everyone else, I found it fascinating to realize how much time it took to 'think' through the different considerations. I won't talk about the time to write out the notation ;-( . Great exercise though and I feel it was more than worthwhile in terms of internalizing how to set up instrumentals both for listening interest and for playing at jams.

This a Joe Filisko backing track in F and I'm on a Bb Seydel customized by Jon Harl. Mic is an EV10 and is straight into my MAC with some tweaking in Garage Band.

So many really good entries so far!! Fascinating to hear the different approaches. Comments are and will be very informative. They help me listen with better attention to the details. Good luck to all and keep enjoying!!!



Gartland's picture

Really enjoyed the vibe you created with this tune. Great playing and melodic playing. Like the chords and your vibrato. Well done!


David Barrett's picture

CH1 - Wow, what a nice relaxed feel / Good A B/A C Chorus Form
CH2 - Head up an octave with variation - Nice!
CH3 - Nice buildup to this chorus... wow! 9+ bend to IV7 chord! sweet!
CH4 - Nice dynamic and textural change / Wow, killer V-IV-I
CH5 - Like the 3/4 shake, 3 flutter... cool / You are getting good at playing the entire range
CH6 - Nice texture / Wow, nice 3" vibrato

Well done!!!

Thanks David

hank stefaniak's picture

Thanks David - your analysis is appreciated and the feedback keeps me on a path. Great experience

Original approach

jimsammy's picture

Melodically this entry is pretty different. The only derivative sections I could recognize were the lick on the V - IV around 1:35 that Mark commented on, and the Big Walter quote around 1:55. You exhibit good control most of the time. One suggestion I could make is this: Your playing is maybe a little "polite". A little dynamic aggression at some point in the song might have made this piece more effective.


hank stefaniak's picture

Thanks Rick. I've watched your DVD several times (great stuff) and have tried to get 'that groove' I have had to fight the 'polite' thing almost from day one so I'll keep working at it. ch


Mark Hummel's picture

I liked the 3 bend with vibrato on the head over the 4 chord! Some of the tune your playing sounds rather tentative to me though you know alot of licks. I especially liked the turnaround at 1:36-one of my favorites! Nice use of octives -it's obvious you can play. I like the way you return to the head at the ending.

Thanks Mark. It's a real rush

hank stefaniak's picture

Thanks Mark. It's a real rush to have you listen and comment on our efforts.


jodanchudan's picture

Another cool track, Hank - you play with a ton of feeling and have the technique to go with it - great stuff!


walterjuke's picture

Very laid back, easy sound on the ears. Nice gentle slaps, good tone, tasty stuff! The high end stuff is sweet and not overbearing. Nice!


Sunnyside Bob's picture

This man has soul! Period...

Thanks to all

hank stefaniak's picture

Thanks for the comments guys. I guess we all know how important feedback is as a kind of reward for the time and work we put into learning and playing. The entries I've listened to are humbling by the level of excellence - OK, maybe Mark Hummel won't be inviting us to get up at the next Harp Blowout but all of these are easily as good or better than most of the performances I've heard at the local jams and most of the 'gigs' I've gone to. Well done!!

You're goin' for it!!

Steven Troch's picture

You really have a laid back feel (kinda like "A 110 in the shade- feel") and some great melodic licks. Nice vibrato and good use of techniques. Hank, I love it !!!!

Lovin' it!

robfraser's picture

I like your style a lot too, Hank. Always sounds really laid back- I love the way you pull on the 3 draw on that mellow head and wander up and down the harp with those melodic lines of yours (more pentatonic scale notes than most use I think?). All the techniques are there to hear and great use of focus notes and chorus forms. Well done!

Like your style

patricia mifsud's picture

Hank this was lovely-like some of your other submissions & pieces on Share etc it sounds like you are getting your own style.Had a lovely relaxed feeling & loved the high notes (wish I could play aswell in the higher ranges)-great work!

Grabbed the proverbial bull

frank's picture

Grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns on that jam Hank.... I can hear that you have been paying close attention to Dave's lessons, That tune took me on a nice refreshing journey.

Great! Very soulful! You

Wheel's picture

Great! Very soulful! You sounds like Lazy Lester :)

Great! Very soulful! You

Wheel's picture

Great! Very soulful! You sounds like Lazy Lester :)