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Chorus Forms:
1. A, A', A''
2. A, A, B
3. Af, Af, A'f
4. A, A, Bf
5. AA, BA, C
6. AA', AB, C
7. head w/fills

G diatonic harmonica ( Hohner Special 20) in 2nd position, Key = D.



David Barrett's picture

CH1 - NIce inviting first lick... good use of Chorus Forms... the slight bend on the 3/4 combo is a little too bluesy for my taste with this light feel

CH2 - Nice fragment from your first lick of the song in the pickup... nice tremolo

CH3 - Nice to hear the melody go up... I recommend you change in bar 9 with a cool V-IV-I lick

CH4 - Nice textural use of the 4/5 shake hear and fills... yes! Gary's Blues V-IV-I lick, well done

CH5 - Great Chorus Form work here

CH6 - Great use of octaves here and great to hear you go up high on the instrument

A very well thought out, balanced, instrumental... great!!!


jodanchudan's picture

Nice uncluttered ideas and great focus on chorus forms - you can really hear how they help create a coherent, memorable track.

Steve's comments

Steve Baker's picture

Simple head, nicely executed. Apart from a couple of wobbles the timing is pretty good so that it all makes sense. You play some nice pickups to lead into the next verse, which help to keep it all moving. Well conceived impro from the point of view of melodic variation, so that it stays interesting. Once again a good example of someone using what they've got in an effective way, well done. I think you should work on improving the intonation of your bends, then your nice melodic ideas will come over better.

Well done!

marcos's picture

Nice use of chorus forms, repitition and variation
Good job!

I've heard!

robfraser's picture

Great use of chorus forms Dorothy- the track unfolds like a story! Nice turnaround @1.30 and I like the use of octaves in CH6. Nice work!

Well done!!

hank stefaniak's picture

You certainly have identified and played the chorus forms well. Good groove, solid technique and nice melody lines. Well done!!