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Horn Chase

ErwinIost's picture

Learning with a lot of fun!!!!!



Great Job

TIMOTHY's picture

Your a Pro now........good work


Nice one!!!! Steven Troch

Steven Troch's picture

Nice one!!!!

Steven Troch

Thanks my friend!!!!

ErwinIost's picture

Thanks my friend!!!!


Akarsha Kumar's picture

I dig the West Coast feel that this instrumental delivers and the rock-solid playing on it. The chromatic-driven harmonies are unexpected and cool (made me pick up the harp to try to figure out what was going on!). Can I nit-pick? I would like to hear just a bit more in terms of dynamics on this one (maybe drop the harmonies on a chorus?).


Gary Smith's picture

Sounds like a real duet... good overall technique.

Thanks Maestro

ErwinIost's picture

Thanks for your words Gary!!!


David Barrett's picture

Thank you for your submission. Let's see what you came up with...

CH1 - Nice use of 2nd Po G Harp and 3rd Po C Chro in unison/octave. The call and response reminds me of Clarke's and Kashmar's "Horn of Plenty." Good idea to have the next chorus soloist (2nd Po part) play the turnaround to introduce the next solo.
CH2 - Good to hear some harmonies other than unison/octaves
CH3 - Nice use of two-part, two section harmonies.
CH4 - Good
CH5 - Good idea to introduce a new hook here
CH6 - Good idea to layer the 3rd Po Dia soloing at the end.

Excellent composition... very good use of harmonies, including sectional harmonies. The only thing that could have made it more interesting would have been to use different position harps for soloing (trading 4's, 2's or 1's). Thanks again for submitting... fun stuff.


ErwinIost's picture

Thanks David for your comments.

For the first chorus i took some ideas from Louis Jordan and his song Aint nobody but us chickens(1956), for the intro he used horn section to start with a question and sax solo to answer.

To create my horn section that i played in whole song i used a chromatic harp. I played a lick in first degree and the same lick in fifth degree. it was really hard but it works for the harmonization that i was looking for!!

Thanks again, this contest was a great challenge to learn more about harmony!!!