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I12 Swing

philrader's picture

Did this with a G Special 20 in the key of D, with a couple of bars using a Chromatic. I learned a lot doing this, and enjoyed it as well. The backing track I chose has a couple of extra bars at the beginning, making for an extra long head. This was a highly motivating exercise - glad I did it.


well Done!!

hank stefaniak's picture

Good use of repetition to set the head - I liked how you switched harps to get a different 'feel' and tone (which I really liked). Some very strong points are those warbles/shakes and then to go to the high end!! Well done!

Gary Smith Judging

Gary Smith's picture

good amp tone... lacks a little bit of drive

Finger clickin' good!

robfraser's picture

This had me tapping my toes and clicking my fingers throughout Philrader. You have a good tone on your Special 20. Switching to chrom and back was cool and your choruses are well defined and kept me well engaged. Well played!

Ditto what Dave said. I would

Mark Hummel's picture

Ditto what Dave said. I would have liked to have heard some octives & chrods just to break it up & a little more bending to boot. Nice simple ideas with decent timing.

David Barrett Judging

David Barrett's picture

Here we go!

CH1 - Nice "A" lick... the non-12 bar form is a bit strange though... I would of chose to help the listener with the changes by working more within the chord tones in my opening here. You had to work with a jam track, I understand that it's a challenge.
CH2 - Nice lick and I liked that you went low on the harp to start the body of your instrumental
CH3 - Nice 3 draw focus note lick... try bending down your 3 a half step for the IV Chord, it will be a cool way to make the AA B/A C Chorus Form
CH4 - I like how you're using the soloing theme of building up in pitch, it's very effect for your composition
CH5 - Phrasing was little awkward here
CH6 - 5 draw focus note
CH7 - Great idea to use 4/5 shake to change of the texture
CH8 - Yah... brave you are to use the high-end... extra credit points!
CH9 - Switch to the chromatic
CH10 - Nice ideas
CH11 - Back to the diatonic... head comes back... like the repeat of the V at the end, very cool.

Well done, you must of had a lot of fun with this! Additional thoughts... use more dynamics (louds and softs) and when switching over to the chromatic, make a statement... play what the chromatic does better than the diatonic... give the lister a strong reason why you switched. Thanks!