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I Want You With Me (Accompaniment Study Song)

JeremyHunt's picture

My best effort at this study song. It's come out alright, I think, in spite of the poor quality of the desktop PC mic that I've used to record it. I haven't tried to personalise the song - except for forgetting some of the turnarounds and repeating the same one a few times.

I notice in a few places the bends sound forced, so in the few weeks since this was recorded I've been working on reducing that in my playing, with some success.


Excellent job. Your

David Barrett's picture

Excellent job. Your technique, rhythm and dynamics are very good. Thank you for participating. 

This was fantastic! You

marcgraci's picture

This was fantastic! You played nearly the entire time, but it fit so well that it was never too much. It was never too much harmonica. Good job.

You should contact Jon Lawton and get on his next gig.

Oops, forgot to mention that

JeremyHunt's picture

Oops, forgot to mention that your comments would be appreciated, David. Cheers.