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bob freeze's picture

This is a song played as a request for a shuffle from Dicky James. I (Bob Freeze) wrote the song and this recording is with the band Dicky James and the Blue Flames.



David Barrett's picture

You have my attention! Walter would be proud of you for this opening... great job! So, great opening, but the composition stops there... I hear a harp player in full jam mode. You have a signature movement... 5 5+ 4 3 3+ 3+... that governs your improvising... I can tell you have a lot of experience playing, but there's also a lack of influence in your playing, your focus is to make sure you're studying, AND USING, via the Chorus Form practice method taught in Improvising Study 1, the licks you study. Basically steeling a great lick from a master and incorporating it right away in your playing with Chorus Forms. Take your experience combined with more vocabulary and you'll be a force to be reckoned with! The repetitive lick played at 1:44 was fantastic... and I REALY like the follow up lick you used for the next choruses. Glad to have you on the site.

very intuitive as always

bob freeze's picture

I am always so impressed at how intuitve your many years of teaching has made you. You (and I knew you would) recognized that this song was totally improvised and used a couple of licks (Little Walter and Billy Gibson) and energy to make it work. Sorry if submitting it was not the thing to do given the assignment. Basically, the lead man said play a shuffle , I said ok follow me - live at a gig . It worked so well with a crowd that we recorded it so I could remember what I did. As my life slows down I plan on using my time and your site to gain more focus. Thanks for not scolding me for not following the assignment (I used to teach).

Very spirited

jimsammy's picture

You've got a lot of spirit and you're not afraid to attempt building some real excitement. I'd like to hear you after you've spent some time listening to the masters and working on your tone and technique.

plenty of energy

Mark Hummel's picture

Sounds like you're lipping and I would recommend tongue blocking-it will improve your tone in a major way! The repetitive licks work for you but frankly it was getting a bit much by the thrid time around. Space is gonna go a long way for getting folks to listen. It's something I have to remember as well! On the plus side there plenty of Energy here!


jodanchudan's picture

This really swings! Plenty of very cool licks used throughout and the instrumental builds up nicely!

The power of repetition

Sunnyside Bob's picture

This tune is, in my sens, a perfect example of the effects of a repetitive line: it rocks! That build-up @ 2:00 is infectious, it crawls and catches you... I like this "make no prisoners" attitude!

Your playin is very

Wheel's picture

Your playin is very expressive and powerful! Little Walter like head is cool and catchy!

Rockin' Bob!

robfraser's picture

Great entry Bob! Nice head and some good dynamics as the soloing develops. Most of all though, man, the building repetition from 2.00 is where it really takes off for me. Great tight break at 3.03 as well. Well done to you and your band!

Warms Up

patricia mifsud's picture

Great start-the sound on this was really great-loved the way it built (after 2:00 on wards) & a great finish!!

Icicles from mars batman...I

frank's picture

Icicles from mars batman...I could dig the repitition of that hammond B- 3 sounding lick you used to finish the tune with, bet you had the folks hoppin on that little ditty!


hank stefaniak's picture

Great opening and head - impressed that its with a band and not a backing track - good one!! Nice tone and articulation!! like the repetition starting @1:52 - very cool!!

Submission for shuffle

bob freeze's picture

Submission for shuffle contest.