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It "beta" be a Rhumba !

Ben Bouman's picture

The title says it all.... !
I used one of Jimi Lee's wonderful backingtracks to play, mix and master this home-recording.
Ben Bouman



Bluevan's picture



jodanchudan's picture

Congratulations - awesome playing throughout!


hank stefaniak's picture

Way to go Ben. A well developed and played piece of music. Your distinct style came through. Best wishes for success in Trossingen!


totaljim's picture

Really good tune and performance! I'll be in Trossingen and I hope to meet you there and I'm looking forward to your performance! Congratulations on your playing and composing.

Congratulations Ben! Mihail

mishaikin's picture

Congratulations Ben!



marcos's picture

Have fun in Trossingen!


David Barrett's picture

CH1 - Head / great tone and technique / cool use of the 2 blow 13th/6th
CH2 - Nice V-IV-I
CH3 - I recommend you delete this chorus (nice side-flutter though)
CH4 - Great main lick w/1OB
CH5 - Good use of 5 draw octave substitution of the 2" in previous chorus / I would of liked to hear more Chorus Form usage here
CH6 - Nice start, but the rest of the chorus is not well worked out
CH7 - Head w/Variation / great V-IV-I and bars 11-12 usage to build to next chorus
CH8 - Head w/Variation / nice ending

Very strong playing with a nice head. The root note, though a comforting note in this light feel, is played too often. The body of the instrumental will benefit greatly from some thought on flow... deleting CH3... using more melodic repetitive devices in CH5-6... maybe some thought on focus note usage. This instrumental can be a real show-stopper with some reworking. Great playing, thanks for participating!

Lee's comments

Lee Sankey's picture

Hi There,


Man the harp sounds sweet as hell, perfectly in tune. Listen to those reeds sing! One of yours I'm guessing? You can really tell this is a custom harp. Anyone who questions the value of having a set of in tune harps should listen to this. It's an instant edge. I totally dig your vibrato, the throaty note at 0:26 is killer. That's the kind of sound that made me want to play the harp.

The melody is catchy and plays to the strengths of the harmonica with dynamics, swirling notes and octaves. Lot's of lovely 'rewind' moments for example the tongue switch at 1.03.

What advice to offer here....hmmmm...seems ridiculous to say anything....if I was being super critical, the closing phrase is a little rushed, perhaps you start it too early (3.14) i.e. before the tune had resolved to the 1. The only other aspect is may be use some more intervals rather than playing sequentially. You don't leap between holes too often. So e.g. 3d to 6b or the 5b to the 3d*. Or ending licks by going up or down an octave. But as I said this is being super critical. This is a great cut and I really enjoyed it.



jodanchudan's picture

Awesome acoustic harp and love the hand effects and vibrato. Also, there are some really cool changes of pace and feel that keep it fresh. Sweet!

Steve's comments

Steve Baker's picture

Very nice head melody. Good idea to play it in a couple of variations before moving into the impro. Strong hand effects & nice acoustic tone. Also good tonal variation. Played with assurance. The impro is interesting and varied, introducing new melodic and rhythmic elements each time around but staying in relation to the theme. Nice use of 1hole OB around 1:20. I found the trills on the IV chord around 2:10 a little jarring, everything else was so embedded in the harmonic structure. I also think the timing could have used a little more punch but overall excellent.

The master and the student!!

ErwinIost's picture

Like the old times in my you doing? i hope fine...
your song is amazing. the tone, phrasing, ideas...

Take care,

So that's how the pros do it!

marcos's picture

Great tone, great tune, great sound.
So many interesting rhythms, hand effects, and "note shapings"
I really enjoyed listening to this.

Hats off!

robfraser's picture

Hats off to Mr Ben Bouman! I've seen your name here and there but this is the first time I've heard your playing. Great stuff- I'd love to see you play live!

Sweet. That's a very well

walterjuke's picture

Sweet. That's a very well constructed melody. You have a nice warm tone, good vibrato, and very effective wah wah hand effects. I like how you tastefully snuck in some hole 1 overblows. Excellent.

Oh dear!

hank stefaniak's picture

Good to hear that classic "Beta Ben" tone! - very smooth and professional Ben. You certainly set a high standard and give me something to shoot for. Well done and thanks

Hi Hank.. thanks!! I often

Ben Bouman's picture

Hi Hank.. thanks!! I often play rhumbas during my courses because it makes people aware on focussing on rhythm..
and I like rhumbas a lot!!
Ben Bouman

No audio

mishaikin's picture

Hi Ben!
In the interest of fair play, you "beta" upload the mp3 as well :-) Probably, you hit "save" button without "upload" button before that and now there is no audio in your submission.


Hi Mihail.. I did hit the

Ben Bouman's picture

Hi Mihail..
I did hit the save button and I saw the upload appearing on the screen. So, it should work. I already contacted the website owner ( David?) to see what went wrong. I'll wait on an answer and maybe i'll have to upload it again..
thx for telling me,