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Jeremiah Kiser

jeremiahkiser's picture

first song 1st position
second song 2nd position
third song 2nd position
fourth song Bb chromatic
fifth song 2nd position
sixth song 2nd position
Thanks David for throwing this contest. Had a great time recording on it.



Gary Smith's picture

Song 1
CH1 - Very minimal, that's cool
CH2 - The high end fill are not doing much for me... I recommend you use the more powerful low range of the harmonica

Song 2
Nice meaty fills

Song 3
Open - I like the idea of the shake in the open... I would have opted for a larger, more warm tone
CH1 - Good fills

Song 4
Nice horn punches here. I would revisit your lessons to find out what's appropriate on the V Chord

Song 5
CH1 - Playing small fills is a good idea.
CH2 - Nice fills

Song 6
Very nice hook you're playing here

Pretty good for the stage you're at

jimsammy's picture

Just keep working and listening. You're on the right track.


Mark Hummel's picture

I liked the 1st pos. on first tune. It sounded like an organ on second half of that? Second tune sounds good. Third tune is fine too. A little stiff rhythmically on beginning but catches fire in second half. Fourth tune is solid. Not crazy about your approach on slow tune- too unsure sounding & not crazy about tone. Nice space though. Last song is ok. Pretty straight ahead. Could have simplified the 5 chord though.

good job man, I especially

Bluevan's picture

good job man, I especially liked the last song. Fun listening!

Good timing. I like how you

walterjuke's picture

Good timing. I like how you found rhythms that the band was playing, and that fit. Good job.