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JimmyBB 6 at once submission Accompaniment Contest

Jimmy Bugert's picture

If you have as much fun listening and judging as I have playing, we all win! Thanks for all you do. God bless.


The technique could use some work

jimsammy's picture

One doesn't have to be a technical wizard to play good blues, but I think you could do much better a little more facility. You do seem to have a good idea of the role of an accompanist, so with a few more tools at your command you could probably do some good work.


Mark Hummel's picture

I liked that you waited to come in on first tune but I agree with Gary that it's overly simple licks. Same on second tune but the chug works well.The chording was working well on the beginning of third tune but then disolved into a meandering set of licks. Same of fourth tune. I would work on getting more licks for slow blues-held notes are fine but you need more to work with. Study some Sonny Boy & Little Walter & build up a lick repertoire.


Gary Smith's picture

Song 1
CH1 - I like how you waited to come in the IV Chord. You need to thing of something with a little more imagination if you want to be a good backup guy. Just whole notes until the vocals come is a little bit too oversimple.

Song 2
You're doing a good job staying in rhythm with the band. The 4+ matches well for the IV Chord, it would be nice to put something with it... a beginning or ending... or something a little more active in the middle.

Song 3
The inclusion of some more of the bluesy bend notes will sound here

Song 4
You're using the wrong key harmonica here

Song 5
I like the 4/5 warble. I feel you could contribute to the rhythm more... right now it's long and flowing, which is cool, but you could bring in your own cool rhythm. When you're making chord changes, try working on playing a lick that leads into chord change, it will bring more interest.

Song 6
Tone is good... but maybe more lick-based riffs would be better than chugging. Chugging and chord playing is basically the more simple way to approach these tunes, your next step is to come up with cool licks for each song.

Good job following the chord

walterjuke's picture

Good job following the chord changes and playing stuff that fits. Nice work.


Yeah Jimmy good job man! I

Bluevan's picture

Yeah Jimmy good job man! I think getting critiqued by David,Gary,Mark ,and Rick is a win in it self. Their feedback is priceless and we can only go up! Right on man