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Joe Mead

joemead's picture

Hope the audio quality is OK, and also the mix levels of harmonica versus the band are appropriate.

Recorded either acoustically or amplified through a Fender Champ, and both ways via my laptop's microphone.

Tried to use a variety of approaches. As far as how things turned out, I think the slow blues is my favorite.

Thanks to for the lessons. And thanks to the judges for taking a listen.



Gary Smith's picture

Song 1
CH1 - 1st Position... cool... nice chording (rare in 1st, but you make it sound good)... the 3 not being bent to 3' sounds discordant to me
CH2 - I feel your hook competes too much with the vocals... lowering the volume could have helped, but I would have changed my approach here

Song 2
Nice hook in 3rd here... bold, but it works

Song 3
Shake works well here

Song 4
Nice fills. This would have been a good opportunity to play the same rhythm as the guitar... ala horn line idea.

Song 5
CH1 - I like that you chose to play the chromatic in this song... it's a good fit. You're playing too actively under his guitar solo though... play more in the holes... listening to the soloist is very important in accompaniment.
CH2 - Good idea to play fills here

Song 6
Nice chording... I would have changed on the V Chord (chording is not common on the V)

Some good ideas

jimsammy's picture

I like the fact that you didn't always do the obvious thing and at the same time, you stayed out of the way of the singer. The rhythm stuff on the last tune sounds real good.


Mark Hummel's picture

Different idea here on opening tune & good first pos. playing. You have solid timing & good tone. I usually play first on this kinda riff.
I like the third pos. playing on second tune. Really like your tone on third tune. You have a natural approach to backing. I like fourth tune too. I enjoyed the chrom on slow tune begininng-nice job staying out of way of guitar playing. I would have staying on chrom on this one but the third diatonic is good. The last tune has a good solid chug to it-I've used that approach often!

Nice rhythmic idea on the

walterjuke's picture

Nice rhythmic idea on the first cut. It's cool that you did it first position too. 3rd position is cool on the second tune - didn't think of that! Solid timing throughout. Nice playing.

Re: Nice rhythmic idea

joemead's picture

Thanks for your comments. The second tune is played on a D chromatic - nice option for those tunes in E...

The second tune is played on

walterjuke's picture

The second tune is played on a D chromatic

Ah - I used a D chromatic with the slide in on the 1st song (key of F). I didn't consider using it on the second song - but it sounds good!

the audio quality sounds

Bluevan's picture

the audio quality sounds great to me. Terrific playing Joe!