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Jumba Rumba - Take 3

walterjuke's picture

OK third times a charm (I hope).



Bluevan's picture



jodanchudan's picture

Congratulations - this is a great track.


hank stefaniak's picture

Congratulations Steve - excellent piece, great composition and beautifully executed. Good luck in Trossingen!

Thanks Hank! Steve

walterjuke's picture

Thanks Hank!



totaljim's picture

This is an excellent composition and performance! Way to go. I plan on being in Trossingen and I hope to meet you there and I look forward to hearing your performance.

Thanks a lot! I Loki forward

walterjuke's picture

Thanks a lot! I Loki forward to meeting you.


Thanks Lee, Steve and David

walterjuke's picture

Thanks Lee, Steve and David for the constructive comments. I will work on the areas identified. There were a lot of great entries so I was pleasantly surprised to be picked. I'm excited about going to Trossingen and meeting Lee, Steve, David, Erwin and Ben!


Congratulations Steve! Mihail

mishaikin's picture

Congratulations Steve!


Thanks Mihail!

walterjuke's picture

Thanks Mihail!


marcos's picture

Have fun in Trossingen!

Thanks Marcos!

walterjuke's picture

Thanks Marcos!


David Barrett's picture

CH1 - Nice opening phrase that draws me in with a light touch
CH2 - Nice dynamics on IV and great V-IV-I lick
CH3 - I like this opening lick and octave sub for IV... again, great V-IV-I
CH4 - Nice use of long tones and dynamics here
CH5 - Nice switch to low 1st Position harp, very smooth, liked the effect
CH6 - I wanted a more powerful high-end presence here... nice ideas, I could of used some butt-kicking here
CH7 - Head returns.

Well done... you put a lot of time into all of your phrases and the overall construction of the song... you've been studying the improvising lessons well... the end result being a very well balanced instrumental. Nice!

Great track!

jodanchudan's picture

Great head and crunchy tone throughout - also, I really like the way the melody lines swoop across the turnaround. Very cool!

Steve's comments

Steve Baker's picture

Very nice work. This number has a good head, and well varied improvisation. I really like the switch to 1st, especially the tongue trills & bends. The whole thing has a solid and relaxed groove which is very convincing. Powerful tone in the West Coast amplified tradition. Technically very well played with good intonation on bends and nice vibrato. My only criticism is that I was wanting to hear you really cut loose at some point and kick out the jams, but I'm a rock and roll type player :-)
Overall very good.

Lee's comments

Lee Sankey's picture

This is an cracking entry, with strength and depth. Some sweet details like continuing the phrase at 0.16 secs and playing across the beat at 0.22 -0.24. Keep tastefully developing those kinds of elements, they set players apart and you don't hear people playing with that level of finesse that often.

Switch to 1st works well and high-end tongue blocking super tricky so well done there.

There's good tone here, but maybe try experimenting with varying it more though during a performance. If you only stick to one tone it can sound one dimensional.



Great "lazy" rhumba!

robfraser's picture

You set the mood with a catchy head and the track floats along with a great "lazy" feel (reminiscent of Jodanchudan's Shell's Rhumba with the same backing track). I love the switch to 1st, adding a raunchy deep vibe then those sweet highs before the head returns. Fantastic job, Walterjuke!


marcos's picture

Beautiful tone and "note-shaping" techniques in there!
You really make that thing sing!
Bending for miles...
This is my next study song!

Cool stuff!!

hank stefaniak's picture

Nice tone and groove - well played and melody lines flow well - like the variety you put in. Congratulations!

OK this one worked and is the

walterjuke's picture

This was a fun groove to work on.