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Lick Subway

marcos's picture

This is my first instrumental. It is played to the backing track from "Lick Train" by David Barrett. "A" harp (Special 20) in 2nd position. JT30 shell with a CM element, Kalamazoo Model 2 Amp.

Lots of fun to do!



David Barrett's picture

CH1 - Effective head... nice use of the break / nice use of the 3' / 2' was not low enough on your V Chord, too bad, it could have been a killer lick... good try though, I like how you're reaching.
CH2 - Good idea to bring the first part part of the head back / remember to use a dip on the 4 for shakes
CH3 - Nice opening lick, why didn't you repeat it?... you didn't like it?
CH4 - Again, cool to bring the head lick back
CH5 - I would have swapped CH3 and this CH5
CH6 - Good work with the octave substitution
CH7 - Head returns

Great job. I would love to hear more use of Chorus Forms in your playing... something to work on. Good tone and really nice playing for how long you've been doing this... you're going to be a great player some day!

nice space use

Mark Hummel's picture

Good idea for the head! Bends were a little sharp & flat to me. Nice tone,ideas and use of space. The break at 2:00 I liked up high but I would not have repeated on the four chord coming back with the band.


marcos's picture

Thanks for listening, Mark. Still working on my ear (and tongue) for the bends. I don't guess sharp ones and flat ones average out to in-tune ones, huh? One day....

Great Tone

panamaharp's picture

Great tone and very cool and relaxed phrasing.

Very cool

Buck's picture

I like that you chose to have a piano accompaniment, because my granny used to tear up the boogywoogy on the keys when I was young. Your song brought back those memories. A real toe tapper.


Great Licks

patricia mifsud's picture

Great work Marcos-loved the backing track you used & the feel of this piece.I liked the way you came back to the head -it made it memorable & was quite catchy!! Glad you made it in!


marcos's picture


Nice relaxed groove!

jimsammy's picture

I really like the head and the way you refer back to the theme in different ways as the song develops.
In general the phrasing is nice and relaxed too. I really like that.
I was also impressed by the way you pick your spots for employing some different textures. The little growl on the bend right around the 45 second mark was a nice touch and a good judicious use of varying texture.
The only problem that stuck out a little bit to me was that some of the bends could have been more accurate.


marcos's picture

Yeah, I was pushing myself to work out the 3 bends, and I'm still striving to develop my ear and tongue for that. And my attempt at the kind-of-fast 2' 3" 3' 2' 1 on the V-IV transition in the first chorus never got comfortable. By the time I finished, I wasn't sure if I was getting it in tune or not! That 2' always sounds odd to me, even when the tuner tells me it's right. Definitely a journey, as the professor says.

Good stuff!

jodanchudan's picture

Great tone and cool licks - nice!

Thanks, Jodan.

marcos's picture

By the way, I really enjoyed participating in your collaborative jams (elsewhere).


marcos's picture

Thanks for the kind and specific words!


Jon M Harl's picture

I like the hook and how you used it at the breaks. Also your tone with your "Zoo" is very cool.

liked the opening lick before

hank stefaniak's picture

liked the opening lick before the band came in - good attention grabber and reinforced in breaks!! Melody lines solid. Nice fat tone and dynamics. you did really well with this!!

Last but not least!

robfraser's picture

Excellent work Marcos. Loving your cool! Good tone coming out of your rig and the whole instrumental is really well articulated with great technique. Especially like the stops and the way you use them to grab attention. Well played!