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Little Girl's Shuffle

Sunnyside Bob's picture




David Barrett's picture

CH1 - I like how you let the band set things up for you
CH2 - Nice A B/A C... to the point with tons of feel... great use of the 3'
CH3 - Nice development again... nice lead-in to IV7... watch your rhythm on the octaves and pulls
CH4 - Ah, a bridge, very nice... in a great spot... nice usage of octaves / Wow, great break 4/5 lick
CH5 - Nice break section, very cool... very nice playing over this non-common blues progression... high-level playing
CH6 - Bridge
CH7 - Break... nice idea to not play here... you have good control!
CH8 - Head
CH9 - This is where you could have explored more range of the harp, but the playing was no doubt very good
CH10 - Ah, bringe, here's the range I was looking for
CH11 - Break chorus, nice use of the Vx3 at end.

A thoroughly enjoyable SONG to listen to. Well done!

BRIDGE to spice things up!

Mark Hummel's picture

Nice attack here. I like the opening with the harp waiting to come in. You know what you're doing. I liked hearing a bridge on a song for a change though I would have left it at twice instead of three times, maybe that's the pre-recorded track? I liked the stop after the second bridge where you waited to come back in-that made listeners miss the harp for a bit. Fine playing and strong tone!

Bridge to spice things up!

Sunnyside Bob's picture

Thanks for your comments , Mark... Yes, it is the pre-recorded track.


jimsammy's picture

Real pretty, vibrant, tone! Nice tasty, simple melodic ideas. You make good use of repetition, but it might have been even more effective if it were a little shorter. I KNOW how easy it is to fall in love with your own stuff...believe it!
But I keep coming back to that tone of yours! REAL nice!


Sunnyside Bob's picture

Thank you VERY muck for these comments, Rick. The track was pre-recorded and I could not shorten it.


jodanchudan's picture

This is a great entry that really stands out - it's well constructed but also played with a lot of feeling. Excellent!


Sunnyside Bob's picture

Thank you for your comments. I like the "feeling" part :-))

Nice Stuff

walterjuke's picture

Really nice woody, acoustic tone. I hear some Sonny and Brownie stuff going on there. Good groove too. Nice throat vibrato (tremolo, whatever), octaves, etc. I like how you didn't come in until after the band intro - first entry so far I've heard that does that.


Nice stuff

Sunnyside Bob's picture

Sonny Terry is indeed one of my major influences. Thanks for your comments.

A Beauty

hank stefaniak's picture

This is a true example of some very fine acoustic playing Bob!! Good use of hands and dynamics and spaces which created some nice tension. Tone was bang on and expressive. Good use of all 10 holes kept it very interesting. Feel proud my young friend ;-) Age is an attitude and your playing certainly is that of a young man!!

A beauty

Sunnyside Bob's picture

Thank you, thank you VERY much, Hank. I seem to have a future after all ;o)


patricia mifsud's picture

I loved this-definitely one to download & listen too-great feel-loved the chords, octaves & the great tone-Bob its top notch!


Sunnyside Bob's picture

"Waow", and I mean "Waow"... You made my day! Thank you for these VERY encouraging comments. It prooves to a late starter like me (I picked up the harp when I was 50, over ten years ago) that true love (and I AM passionate about the harmonica) never lies.

Good use of acoustic

frank's picture

Good use of acoustic subtleties for that rompin tune - enjoyed hearing you go to the high end and blast a few of those octaves in there too...

Good use of acoustic

Sunnyside Bob's picture

I am indeed in love with the acoustic sound of our instrument. As for the "high end", I remembered M. Barrett saying that it's a territory where very few of us dare to go. Dave was right: it caught YOUR ear! Thanks for your comments...


robfraser's picture

Top acoustic style there Bob! Superb original effort and bags of harp skill to spare! This chirpy number will be going on my Ipod, what more can I say? :O)


Sunnyside Bob's picture

Coming from a "crowned" player, making it on your Ipod makes an old fart like me blush like a young girl ;o). Glad you like it. Thank you for your comments. All that practicing is finally paying off, it seems...

Mighty Fine

Sunnyside Bob's picture

Thanks for this comment, Jon. I should add that the piece was recorded last (Tuesday) night in my office on a Zoom Q3 recorder, after a harassing day's work. It was the third take. A true friend worked a bit on it before posting.After listening to all entries, may I just say that I am VERY impressed by the level, skill and musicality of the different players...

Mighty Fine!

Jon M Harl's picture

Great tone, good head and chorus. This is a winner.