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Midnight Growling

capitalG's picture

Hope you enjoy this entry,

Had great fun using G/D/A/LF/LG harps on this number, to try and create a rich mixture along with lots of rhythm vamps, chording and vocal effects.





Akarsha Kumar's picture

I enjoyed many aspects of this song (positions, dynamics, chording, growling!, cupping techniques), aside from the superb playing all through. The sustained note in the background of the 4th chorus was a very cool way to build tension. Nothing to suggest, really - Iā€™d leave this song just as is!


Gary Smith's picture

Well put together... nice layering... is that a cup or beer mug you're playing thru?


David Barrett's picture

Thank you for your submission. Here we go!...

Opening - Nice lick to bring us in
CH1 - Nice use of chording behind the 2nd Po soloing
CH2 - Nice hook introduced here
CH3 - I like how you continued both the hooks through this 3rd Po solo
CH4 - Excellent use of dynamic and tonal change here
CH5 - Nice octave parts here
CH6 - Nice change with the 5th Po solo and use of growl
CH7 - Nice deletion for effect here
CH8 - Nice chorus to bring everything together

Excellent composition. Great interaction of multiple harps, positions, textures and dynamics. The only way this song could be better is with the use of harmonies other than the basic playing in octaves.