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For the Miners

ErwinIost's picture

i took my chances to play something different. i hope you like it...
Dedicated to the 33 miners in my country.


Madcat's comments:

Peter Madcat Ruth's picture

I especially like the call and response form of this song. It builds very organically. It's a very nicely constructed piece and very well played.

Thanks for your words

ErwinIost's picture

Peter, thanks for your kind words. i tried to do something different and i used some techniques that i 've learn from David.
By the way, your work and technique are amazing...


Joe Filisko's picture

Cool intro! You really did a clever job of working your way up into the high notes of the harp and ending back low while still doing a good job keepin the rhythm and groove going on. Nice tongue blocking chops and strong ending. I personally would have liked if you would have revisited the beginniing and tried to find more ideas down low, but I have to say that you did do a very nice job with what you worked out up high. Hot stuff. JF


ErwinIost's picture

Thanks Joe for your words.... i appreciate your advice and i 'll record the song again using your ideas.
thanks again.....

Comments - Tom Ball

Tom Ball's picture

Lots of Rice Miller influence here. Excellent rhythm and many notes have audible tongue articulation. Also your use of hands is quite good– creating lots of tonal variation. I liked the growl on hole 3-draw. Well done. (Also was really happy to watch all the miners emerge – congratulations, Chile!) :)

i am glad you notice

ErwinIost's picture

Hello Tom, thanks for your words, i am glad you notice that i am using my hands to create variations in my sound.
i appreciate your words about miners!!!!

Comments - David Barrett

David Barrett's picture

Great opening chord... big harmonica tone. The bass-like line gets the rhythm moving nicely. Nice lick at 1:05. Nice dynamics at 1:20. Nice to hear the work on the high end. I would of liked to hear more theme and variation on some of your ideas. Thanks for submission... it was fun.

you did it

ErwinIost's picture

a long time ago i took some classes with you..i hope you remember me!!!! i remember every advice that you gave me and i ' ve been working since that using and improving my technique with your advices....
i also work everyday in my tone and i am glad you like it!!! as i said to Joe, i 'll record the song again with more variations and more ideas.
thanks for your work , for this site and for this contest because is great for me that professional harp players like Tom, Joe, Peter and You can listen to my job and can comment it!!!
sorry for my english.
Your Chilean Student

Oh Yeah

hank stefaniak's picture

Really like how you approached this one - good sold rhythm and clear melodic forays - very nicely done!!

Good stuff!

jodanchudan's picture

Great playing - I like it. Very cool rhythmic pattern and I especially like the slaps on the high end!

Gold Mine!

patricia mifsud's picture

I loved it-it was beautifully played (I also loved those growling notes) & was never boring- I wanted it to keep going!


Powersolo's picture

I am MORE than impressed. Well done man.

Diggin' deep!

robfraser's picture

Well done there! That's a really cool tune. Lots of great technique and not a note out of place! I especially like the purring/ growling at the beginning and the end. I've listened to this repeatedly- Excellent!