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A Moist One in the Void

johndeely's picture

Having trouble loading the file, take 2



hank stefaniak's picture

Full on and driving! Liked your use of chord stops and octaves - nice note bleeds and vibrato. Solid piece of work here!! Well done!

Gary Smith Judging

Gary Smith's picture

head sounds george-like... good timing in solo section... well thought out

Loose stuff! Wicked!

robfraser's picture

I really like your approach John. To my ear you have a no compromise, in your face sound. I think it's the chorded notes and strong octaves. Whatever, it's cool and I'll be attempting to steal! Well done!

Definatly got the Juicy

Mark Hummel's picture

Definatly got the Juicy Harmonica vibe-I liked the way you changed the head but left the phrasing. Third chorus you used the George lick note for note. I agree with Dave that when you improvised it lost focus at the end but I liked the idea.

David Barrett Judging

David Barrett's picture

Here we go...

CH1 - Nice head, I like the use of powerful octaves
CH2 - Repeating the head works... it will sound better with a live band... so they can play more active fills in CH2
CH3 - Nice ideas here... I like the V. Would of loved to hear some tremolo on your 2 draws... they sound a little flat without it.
CH4 - Cool variation on CH3... nice idea
CH5 - Nice "Juicy Harmonica" quote... ah.. the 2 draw vibrato
CH6 - I would have liked a transition into this chorus... like the pickup you used for the repeat of the first lick
CH7 - Break... good idea
CH8 - Break
CH9 - I liked how you used the turnaround-area lick from CH8 for your new main idea
CH10 - Head

A solid swing instrumental... well done. The first half of the song was deliberate and well worked out. The second half was more improvised... that works for me. From a composition standpoint, Choruses 7 to the end starts to break down for me... though it was nice playing, and the breaks were cool, it could have used some more deliberate lines, but it was no doubt well played. Thanks for submitting... fun stuff!