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monster mike acc

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Song 1
CH1 - Good job matching the guitar hook in the opening. I like that you did a variation for the IV Chord
CH2 - A little busy for this chorus... fill probably would have been better

Song 2
Open - Ah, call and response with guitar, cool
CH1 - Good

Song 3
You're not playing anything wrong here, but it would have been better in my opinion to play the hook presented by the bass/guitar instead of creating your own... it competes a little bit in my opinion

Song 4
1st Position octaves... very good idea

Song 5
CH1 - Long holds... good idea. 4 draw on IV Chord bugs me a little bit (bars 5-6)... rest is good
CH2 - This would have been a good place to play fills between vocals since no one else is doing it prominently

Song 6
Chording sounds good... I would have changed to single notes on the V Chord (like you did the second time around). You could also peak out every now and again and play more actively.


Mark Hummel's picture

I agree with Rick's assessment . I felt the playing tasteful but kind of stuck on the tonic note-mainly 2 draw & a bit behind the beat. I think you could work on playing with a bit more focus on holding the tension in the timing. Also try a few more melodic ideas. You're awareness on staying out of the way is working & should be commended.

A little robotic, but basically getting the right idea

jimsammy's picture

You have a nice tone and a nice vibrato. I also like the fact that you're trying to practice good taste and stay out of the way, but you sound a little overly cautious and that can lead to sounding somewhat plodding and monotonous.
On the slow tune I'd like to have heard you paying closer attention to the chord changes.

Good job bill! That chugging

Bluevan's picture

Good job bill! That chugging was my favorite nicely done.