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Monster Mike and Marcos

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Song 1
CH1 - Nice hook... great job backing your volume down on the V when the guitarist comes in
CH2 - Good idea to continue hook... good fills and volume changes

Song 2
Backing - I hear you chose to play over the guitar hook... that's fine... he's backing you.
CH1 - Nice 2 draw backing and fills

Song 3
Nice use of hook (cool recored sound too)

Song 4
Nice use of horn punches in octave

Song 5
CH1 - I liked the sound of your first two bars... then you went to single notes... I liked what you did the first two bars. Some of your notes sounded light every now and again... stay bluesy brother
CH2 - Nice backing... play more aggressively for your fills

Song 6
Nice playing... very active... it ads energy... can't decide if it's too active or not, so it's probably fine

Lick on the first tune would

jimsammy's picture

Lick on the first tune would (i think) work better played half as often - good idea though. Nice sounding warbles on the 2nd tune. Some real good ideas overall.


Mark Hummel's picture

First tune the lick seems a little complex.Works ok. I like the warbles on second tune. Nice. Third tune I REALLY like that riff-works beautifully the whole way through-good work. Octives work nice on fourth tune in 3rd. pos. A little Too laid back timing wise on slow blues. But nice job staying out of way of vocals.Last tune is fine.

Tuneful playing! I like your

walterjuke's picture

Tuneful playing! I like your ideas, and you weave in and out of the vocals well. Nice fat and crunchy tone too! Is that a Kalamazoo in your icon picture?


Thanks, Steve

marcos's picture

Thanks for the comment, Steve!
Yes, that's my Kalamazoo Model 2 and my Mic. (Shure 707A-style, but older..a 9822A) with a CR element that I put in. Lone Wolf Harp Delay isn't pictured, but that's what I'm using on this.

Great playing Marcos, you

Bluevan's picture

Great playing Marcos, you really captured the vibe of each groove. Nice tone too!

Thanks, Brian

marcos's picture

I appreciate the comment!
Now I need to sit down and listen to yours and the rest of the entries. Fun!