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Morning 12 Bar Blues Melody

Laszlo Konyeczki's picture

I let myself for one and half week after my LOA4 test my mind to be calmed down. Musicians say it is necessary to take some rest sometimes.

Today morning I created a short demo using my Bugera double tubed amp and my Shure DX520 and tried to use what I have learned here until this time. A local band wanted me to play with them without any practicing in a pub tonight but I resigned.

Although there are some choking notes, and this is about simplicity, I share it.

David, I curious about the techniques I used. Would it be ok for an audience?




Nicely done. I like your main

David Barrett's picture

Nicely done. I like your main theme, it sounds good when it comes back throughout the song... it does a good job unifying your instrumental. Yes, this is ready for an audience. Thank you for submitting.

Lot of Thanks!

Laszlo Konyeczki's picture

It helps me on my pathway.