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My Accompaniment

eliam's picture

My Accompaniment for traks



Gary Smith's picture

Song 1
CH1 - Nice hook. You could have also played the guitar hook if you wanted. The guitar get active on the V Chord, this is where you should have backed your volume to down to support him.
CH2 - Nice fills and good supportive backing on V

Song 2
Open - Nice slaps and pulls here... it compliments the guitar well in this shuffle
CH1 - Good fills. The first fill you ended with a 1 draw... it sounded like a turnaround... get rid of the 1 when it's just a fill. Ah, and your turnaround lick (bar 12) should have a 1 draw at the end.

Song 3
Sounds like you were a little at a loss of what to play here... riffin' isn't bad... you sure could do that... just be careful of that 2+, it's a little too light for this dark-sounding song

Song 4
Nice bass line hook... cool idea. I don't think that I Chord bass line has a 5+ at the top... the 6+ will sound better.

Song 5
CH1 - Shake... good idea. Be careful of the lighter notes in your solo (3 draw and 2+) since this is a more bluesy song. Get rid of your 2+'s and bend your 3's.
CH2 - Good fills... be cautious not step on the vocals on the short phrases

Song 6
I like this... nice and lively. Make sure to play notes that match on the V Chord when it comes up in the end.

Sounds like you're having fun

jimsammy's picture

It sounds like you're enjoying what you're doing and that's a good thing. Mark is right though, you need to work on your time - building up your embouchure will help your sound too.


Mark Hummel's picture

Shaky timing on intro. I like how different the lick is from everyone else. I like the second tune with it's tongueblock sound on intro-then it meanders a bit? A solid repeating lick would have worked better on third tune. Sounds like you're doing the bass line on fourth tune-works fine. I'm not nuts about slow one cause it seems a little rudderless. I think the stoptime riff doesn't really work on the in between vocal thing on slow one-better to hold notes(a held warble would work better). The bass line on last one is workable but I like a chug better.


eliam's picture

whole process Accompaniment that David gives experience and fun,
There is much to learn

Nice tone. Very relaxed, and

walterjuke's picture

Nice tone. Very relaxed, and you don't overplay. I like it!


Nice relaxed tone man, i

Bluevan's picture

Nice relaxed tone man, i liked how you let the guitar solo(slow blues) alittle bit before you started playing, good job Eliam!